Teaching for tomorrow

Reflecting on McCain's six points and 21st Century Fluencies

Incooperating McCain's Points Within My Classroom

McCain's six points can be seen throughout my lesson. My students are provided the opportunity to become scientists that explore and investigate real world situations.

Withdraw from helping students

Of McCain's six points, I feel that I most often used resisting the temptation to tell. Throughout my lesson, I want my students to find answers on their own and be hands on learners. They are ask to look outside of what they already know and take a deep look. The students are expected to take the learning into their own hands.

-My featured points-



Within my unit, I attempted to included all five fluencies to ensure that the student lesson guided my students for success.. I think that solution fluency is an essential part of my unit because the students are given the opportunity to experience each of the seven steps using the scientific method: define, discover, dream, design, deliver (produce), deliver (publish), and debrief. I also feel that my unit aligns with information fluency because the students are ask to follow the steps of ask, acquire, analyze, analyze, apply, and assess throughout the entire unit.


"Teaching for Tomorrow" and "Literacy is Not Enough" have helped my creation of this unit because it taught me the importance of focusing on my students and no necessarily the outcome. We need to prepare our students for a successful future, not just accentuate their ability to memorize information for a test just to forget the very next day.