The Berg Bugle

Wednesday April 27, 2016

The Ozone Layer Won't Last Forever!

Pollution isn't helping the world. Pollution causes the Ozone Layer to deteriorate which then Radiation B can come through. If there is no Ozone Layer then Radiation B will give people skin cancer and harm other animals. During the spring and summer in the southern U.S CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) is slowly destroying the Ozone Layer.

Manufacturing Pollution?

Gases from manufacturing take 90% of air pollution but there are many different kinds of gases.(CH4, CO, CO2, NOx, O3 and SO2. Solid particles such as smoke, dust and pollen take up 10% of air pollution. For every 200 manufacturing site 5.3 million people are at risk.

Our Rivers Aren't Clean!

In developing countries 70% of garbage is dumped into untreated waters. 99,000,000 pounds of fertilizers and chemicals are used every year, some chemicals leak into rivers and other waters. Illinois has more than 517,000 acres of planting roof, they are helping catch rainwater and helping get fresh water.


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