Catering Attendant

The job of an attendant!

When there is a special occasion going on such as a wedding, birthday party or a business meeting the catering attendants help serve the guests.

Duties Of Attendant

Customer Service- Answers guests questions and provides any catering information.

Dining Room Set-Up- Plans set up of the room. Includes arranging tables and decorating.

Work Stations- May step into other roles depending on the amount of staff available for the event. Makes sure to maintain customer satisfaction.

Clean-Up Duties- Handles cleaning activies. Includes taking down tables & takes down decoration.

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Education Requirements

  • High School Diploma
  • Catering experience
  • Some may need associates or bachelors degree in catering


Average salary of $40,000

Work Enviroment

The number of hours worked in a week depends on the business requirements. It is important that you are flexible in your availability and willing to work evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Skills Required

They need to be professional, organized, and reliable. Also verbal communication skills are usually desired. Catering assistants should also have strong customer service.