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The Great Kindness Challenge

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Is someone staring at me?

Here's a preview of one of the projects that will be on display at the Science Fair this Thursday!

Have you ever gotten a sudden feeling that someone is staring at you, and then wondered if you're just being paranoid or if you're actually using a 6th sense and it's true? For his science project, 9th grader Toler P. set up experiments to determine if human beings really do have the capability to sense being stared at.

Several students volunteered to be subjects for his experiment. Each volunteer was seated in a chair and blindfolded. Toler stood behind a window, sometimes staring at the volunteer, sometimes not. When Toler's assistant gave the volunteer a cue, they would either say "yes" or "no" to feeling stared at. Each volunteer was tested 25 times in 7-second intervals.

To find out if that creepy feeling you get when you think you're being watched is real, come see the results of Toler's project at the Science Fair this Thursday!

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Garden Explorations

Feel like digging in the garden? Every Tuesday, 12:15-1:30, Ms. Nikki Bradford leads garden projects. For grades 5-12 (K-4 welcome with parent).

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The Great Kindness Challenge

Link to the Kindness Challenge Checklist

During the week of January 29th MEA is participating in the Great Kindness Challenge! We all know kindness is a part of our daily lives, but during this week, we are going to have fun giving and receiving kindnesses and focusing on it as a joyful part of living together on our planet. We’ll have activities going on at our campus and some things for students to take home to share.

Bonus Kindness Days

  • Wednesday: Do a HAPPY DANCE for someone day
  • Thursday: HANDSHAKE DAY

The more kindness, the better!

Library Books on Kindness

Stop by the library and spend a few minutes reading about kindness and inspiration through the books below that are on display!

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SSC Meeting

Wednesday, January 31 / 2:00-3:00 / Room 17B

All parents are invited to attend the School Site Committee (SSC) meeting and participate in the MEA site budget discussion. More information, agendas, and minutes can be found on our SSC/SGT webpage. For questions, please contact Principal Browne at

MEA Science Fair!

Thursday, February 1 / 11:30-1:30 / Auditorium

We want to welcome the MEA Family and Community to our 4th Annual Science Fair. It will be in the Auditorium from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm for an informal lunchtime gathering, showcasing a wide variety of student investigations into what nature is doing all around us.

Please come, eat, mingle, and talk with students, parents, and friends.

The students near their projects very much want to let you know what they found out, and welcome your thoughts and comments.

We thank you greatly for doing this.

We also invite interested parents and community members to help judge some projects any time from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm on Tuesday, January 30. If you are interested, please contact Norm Negus (, Trudy Pachon (, or Huy Tran (

Grateful to have you with us.

MEA Science Department

Visit to Canyon Villas

Friday, February 16 / 2:00-3:00

Canyon Villas, 4282 Balboa Ave.

Hooray! February 16th will be our first visit to Canyon Villas to visit with the folks at the senior center! We'll be there from 2-3 and as it is our first meeting we'll do a game or two that the seniors are comfortable with and like to play already. Our maximum number for all of us is 15 participants so please let me know asap that you would like to join us. Canyon Villas is located just east of the Goodwill on Balboa Avenue so just before the intersection of Balboa Avenue and Clairemont Drive. I'd like to bring them something from us but I'm thinking about that. I'd love any of your ideas !:) Any questions, please contact Ms Barb at

San Diego Whale Watching Trip

Friday, February 23 / 10:00-1:00 pm / H & M Landing

Adults: $19.00 (cash only, exact change please!)

Students: $15.00 (cash only, exact change please!)

Please plan to pay and reserve your spot by Friday, February 9 with Norma in the front office.

Plan to arrive by 9:15 at H&M Landing.

For questions, please contact Erin Becerra,

More information:

Beauty and the Beast

Friday, March 2 / 10:00am

Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center

4126 Executive Drive , La Jolla

The Academy Award-winning film comes to life in this romantic and beloved take on the classic fairytale.

Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the beloved musical "Beauty and the Beast" performed by the JCompany Youth Theatre! The cost is $8 for both students and adults. Please bring cash (EXACT CHANGE) or check to Norma in the front office by Tuesday, February 20 to reserve your spot.

MEA students Brendan D, 9th grader, Neelu N, 6th grader, and Neeku N, 4th grader, are in this production!

  • Limited spots are available, so reservations will be accepted on a first come-first served basis.
  • Transportation will not be provided to or from the venue.
  • Students are invited to be dropped off and left under Mrs. Finney’s supervision.
  • Parents are asked to pick their child up promptly after the performance. (More info. to come as to by what time.)

Modern Masters of Latin America Art Exhibit

Friday, March 2 / 10:00-1:00 / SD Museum of Art

Vengan a ver el arte latinoamericano.

All MEA students (K-12) are welcome to accompany Mrs. Mullen and Mr. Cate on a field trip to the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park on Friday, March 2nd. Mrs. Mullen and Mr. Cate are excited to tour the Modern Masters of Latin American art exhibition.

  • Students should arrange their own transportation to the park/museum. Elementary students should be accompanied by an adult.
  • All students in 6th-12th grade that are not accompanied by an adult are required to turn in a field trip permission slip to Mr. Cate. Form attached here, or get a physical copy from Mr. Cate.
  • We will meet in front of the Natural History Museum (closest point to the eastern parking lots) at 10:00am and walk together over to the Museum of Art. Link to map for our meeting point
  • Students should bring a lunch and plan to be picked up (in front of Natural History Museum) before 1pm.
  • Students in Spanish classes will have the opportunity to earn extra credit through their participation.
  • Students will have free admission. Adult Admission=$15

Questions? Please contact Mr. Cate at

(K-6) Classics 4 Kids Concert

Friday, March 9 / 11:30 am / Balboa Theatre

If you’d like tickets, please sign up and pay with Norma in the front office (CASH ONLY, EXACT CHANGE PLEASE!) by Friday, February 23.

Mrs. Erin Becerra has 15 tickets available for grades K-6 and parents to the following Classics 4 Kids concert: From Bach to Rock. Tickets are $7.00 per person. For questions, please contact Mrs. Becerra at

Classics 4 Kids partners with San Diego Baroque Soloists for this awesome concert that links music of JS Bach to the music of today. Featuring special guest musicians playing instruments from the 1600’s, this concert will cover a range of fun topics, such as the technology, innovation, and engineering behind Baroque instruments, and the similarities of music from then and now. Mr. Bach makes an appearance to show how his music can really rock.

************** ANNOUNCEMENTS **************

Study Group Schedule Updates

Link to revised schedule

Starting this week, the following study group schedule changes are taking effect:

  • Common Core Math 7 on Tuesdays (currently at 1:50) will meet from 8:00-9:15.
  • 8th grade History on Wednesdays (currently at 1:50) will meet from 9:20-10:35.
  • Common Core Math 8 on Wednesdays (currently at 9:20) will meet from 1:50-3:05.

San Diego County Coupon Books Fundraiser

The ASB is starting a new fundraiser on February 1st. ASB students will be selling San Diego county coupon books for $25. Half of the money raised goes directly to our school!

If you are interested in purchasing one, please see an ASB student or Mr. Nielsen after February 1st. Payment can be made to Mr. Nielsen in room B16 with cash (EXACT CHANGE) or a check made out to "Mt. Everest Academy." Thank you for your support!

Link to see what coupons are in the book

You may also order the book online here.

Advice for New Families

Link to "Advice for New Families"

Written for parents, by parents

A few of our veteran parents have created this valuable resource for new Mt. Everest Academy families, to help in the adjustment process to independent study. These parents have combined their experiences to offer advice on the following topics:

  • Organization/Study Tips
  • Time Management
  • Working with Teachers
  • Turn-In Packets
  • School Resources
  • Supplemental Curriculum
  • Extracurricular Activities

Many, many thanks to our veteran team of parents for sharing their knowledge!

Duck Egg Incubation Begins!

Our duck eggs have arrived and are in the incubator! The incubator is in the library and you are welcome to come by and look at them. They rotate every hour on at 40 minutes after the hour. Eggs require 28 days of incubation to hatch, so we estimate that February 20th will be their hatch date!

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Lost & Found

Shown below are items that are in our lost & found; clothing, water bottles, etc. If you recognize something as yours, please come to the front office to claim it!

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AP Test Registration

AP exams will be given at Mt. Everest Academy from Monday, May 7 through Friday, May 18. Print the order form linked here and return with payment to the front office. This form is also available in the front office.

  • AP exams cost $94 each
  • Students who are eligible for free/reduced lunch pay $5/exam
  • Payment can be made with either cash (EXACT CHANGE ONLY!) or check.
  • Checks should be made out to "Mt. Everest Academy."
  • The deadline to turn in your form and payment is Wednesday, February 28.

Hygiene Drive

As part of our kindness challenge, this month we will host a SCHOOL KINDNESS CHALLENGE!! As a community, we are doing a kindness for the organization TACO (Third Avenue Charitable Organization). A link to their website is here-

We will be collecting items for hygiene bags---things to contribute would be-hotel or small sized bars of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, disposable razors, chap stick with SPF 15, body wash, men’s t-shirts, and $5 gift certificates for McDonalds or Burger King. We’ll also set up a time during Kindness Week to gather and assemble the bags to bring to TACO. They will greatly appreciate any contributions! Thank you so much for anything you are willing to give as part of our school community! Any questions or concerns -please email Miss Barb at A collection box is in the Maker Space.

************* COUNSELING CORNER *************

Mr. Ron Zappala is the Head School Counselor at Mt. Everest Academy. You can reach him with any counseling questions at or 858-496-8791. Or feel free to stop by the counseling office anytime!

California Scholarship Federation, Inc.

The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among middle and high school students in California. There are approximately 1500 chapters in middle school and high schools throughout the state, and each chapter is comprised of students members who meet eligibility requirements. Each chapter is led by a staff adviser. Eligible students become members by submitting applications based on their report card grades. Membership is for one semester, and membership drives are held each semester within established periods dictated by the State bylaws.

Conferences are held annually, and student awards recognizing scholastic achievement and community service are presented. Students with a certain number of semesters of membership in CSF will also be able to graduate with a sash and/or cord, and put it on their college resumes/ applications!

I am happy to announce that I will be bringing CSF to MEA! As last week marked the closing of our first semester, and grades will be finalized soon, please contact Mr. Zappala to check your eligibility with your transcript. Once you are confirmed to be eligible, Mr. Zappala and I both have sheets to be filled out for membership. We will also be hosting a brief workshop soon, explaining more about CSF, membership requirements, and any other questions you might have!

Looking forward to what this semester has in store!


********** extracurricular activities ***********

Please find the most up-to-date schedule here. This schedule is a work in-progress; we will continue to add to and fine-tune the schedule as needed.

If you are interested in offering an extracurricular class or workshop, please contact Principal Browne at All required district volunteer paperwork must be submitted in order to lead a class.

Makerspace Whimsy

Pictured below is an impromptu creation made with bottle caps, a paper towel tube, an egg carton, other available materials, and the imagination of a few students working together!

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Model United Nations

Thursdays / 11:30-12:30 / Room 8

Greetings, future delegates!

Model UN is an activity where students represent different nations around the world, and try to solve real world issues based on their country's policies. We will practice the art of public debate and negotiation, and become experts in worldly discussion.

You will become a world leader! Acting as ambassadors of nations from Egypt to France, Japan to Canada, Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and anything in between, step into the shoes of diplomats from U.S. President to North Korean dictator, to try and make the world the place that you, or your people, would want it to be.

Topics discussed will range from globalization and the refugee crises, to preventing World War II, and even dealing with first alien encounter and artificial intelligence rights. Remember: don't nuke the world!

Contact Lucas H. at to learn more.

Introduction to Coding

Introduction to Coding will not be hosted this week. We will have updates on the club time and format in next week's Monday Message!

Location Changes This Week

The following activities will be meeting in different rooms this week due to preparations and presentation of the Science Fair:

  • MathCounts on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 1:50-3:00, will be held in the Family Room
  • French Club on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 12:00-1:00, will be held in Room 2
  • History Co-Op on Thursday, Feb. 1, 12:45-1:30, will be held in Room 11

Makerspace Hours This Week

The Makerspace will be open 9am-3pm Tuesday-Thursday this week, except for a few brief closures:

  • Tues-Wed-Thurs: 12:00-12:30
  • Wed: 10:30-12:00

******************* LIBRARY *******************

February Library Challenge

For the February Library Challenge, let us know why you love your MEA library! Click here for the challenge form, or pick one up in the library. Turn your completed form into the library by 12:30 Thursday, February 22 to receive a prize!

CYRMN: "Snatchabook"

"Snatchabook," is the third California Young Reader Medal Nominee (CYRMN) book for grades K-3 to be read during Library Time. Two more CYRM Nominee books will be read over the next two weeks. If you are interested in participating and having a voice in the winner of your grade level, be sure to come in to the Library and look at all the great CYRM Nominees for K-8th grade! Cast your vote to Ms. Vivian by March 29th to be included in the ballot.

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MEA Students in SDUSD 2018 Middle School Honor Concert

Honor Orchestra:

Lucia M, grade 7 (cello)

Honor Band:

Ria R, grade 6 (clarinet)

Honor Band and Orchestra Winds:

Petunia R, grade 7 (principal flute)

The concert is free of charge and open to the public. Please come support our students.


Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 7 pm

Point Loma Nazarene University Brown Chapel

(first building on your left as you enter the campus at the guard shack)

3900 Lomaland Dr., San Diego, CA 92106

Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra Concert

Saturday, February 3 / 2:00 pm / Lincoln High School

The following Mt. Everest Academy students from Mt. Everest are performing in this concert!

  • Lucia M, grade 7
  • Cheyenne P, grade 9
  • Adam S, grade 2
  • Yosif S, grade 2

Admission is free, but tickets are required. Tickets may be reserved by emailing or by calling 619-239-0100, ext. 303.

Address of Lincoln High School Performance Arts Center:

4777 Imperial Ave., San Diego, CA 92113.

Concert flyer

Concert webpage


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