By Maddie

What is a unispidermouse?

A unispidermouse is a unique organism that was created by breeding a spider with a mouse, then adding some narwhal genes to give it its special horn. This animal has adapted to survive in the shadows behind books in libraries or anywhere a bookshelf is located. Due to its eerie appearence, it is mostly thought of as an illusion when seen. The unispidermouse usually survives by eating the paper on the edges of books, which means it doesn't have to venture far to get food.

Feeding and Niche

The unispidermouse usually feeds off of the pages of book, which is when its long, sharp teeth come in handy. It gnaws on the ends of pages, and sometimes on the covers. When it decides to eat something else for lunch, it survives by venturing out and eating bugs, which brings us to its niche. The unispidermouse's niche is to maintain the number of insects in its environment to a fairly small number and to keep it there, not allowing it to grow too big.


As mentioned before, the unispidermouse has adapted to be able to survive in its environment, like any other animal. Its long legs allow it to climb up the bookshelves without to much trouble, and its claws allow it to grip the wood firmly. Its slick, black fur makes it extraordinarily easy to hide in the shadows and avoid drawing attention. Its teeth help with hard insect exoskeletons as well as hard book covers. All in all, the unispidermouse its well suited to its environment.


As you can see, the unispidermouse is a very unique creator who, over generations, has adapted to survive in its habitat. It may not be the prettiest animal, but it does carry out its niche effectively, and its appearance is functional. The unispidermouse has yet to become extinct, and most likely will not for many years.