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Camp Peachtree has kicked off the summer with a SPLASH--- And that's no joke!!

Our onsite Water Park is opening this week! It's going to be hot this summer and we want to keep all our children and campers cool and hydrated. Peachtree Academy has its very own water park onsite, which is enjoyed by our early childhood children, summer campers and teachers. It's a great way to spend the afternoon, or even the mornings before it gets too hot. Children must wear swimsuit and sunscreen, drink plenty of water, wear water shoes and bring a towel in order to enjoy the water park with their friends.

Summer camp students (Pre-K - 8th grade) will be divided into the following 5 groups:

Bold Barracudas (3rd-4th), ROARING LIONS (Pre-K), Mighty Panthers (5th-8th), Courageous Cougars (1st-2nd), and the Blazing Dragons (K). As we prepare for field trips each week, we will try our best to make signing your children up for field trips as painless as possible. There are state laws that we must adhere to, so there may be times that you might wonder if we know what we are doing. Please be patient! The first week, or so of summer camp is always a little crazy as things get going. But, it is going to be a GREAT summer at Camp Peachtree and we are so glad you are here!!

Vacation Bible School is here!! Tra-La, Tra-La, Tra-La!

Vacation Bible School is here! The children sing enthusiastically as they shout out those familiar words. We are so excited once again to join Rockdale Baptist Church for their fabulous summer VBS program. The campers always enjoy going to Bible School to meet new friends, learn more about God, enjoy creative craft projects and more. The rest of the VBS chorus says, "In God's own house we like to be; a happy, busy band are we. Vacation Bible School is here, Tra-La, Tra-La, Tra-La." Some of our most favorite childhood memories are of the exciting days at Vacation Bible School during the summer months. Something about that memory warms our hearts, as we remember how, as a child, our hearts were stirred by this fun, relaxed and exciting worship experience every summer.

We will leave the campus to go to VBS each morning at 8:30 AM. Please be prompt! Or, if you would like to meet us at the church, please notify us so that we can make arrangements for their transportation back to the school.

What's so great about Camp Peachtree?

  1. Peachtree Academy is the name parents know they can trust!
  2. Parents know that their children will not only have a fun summer at Peachtree (which is important, of course), but their child will also be SAFE.
  3. Our camp teachers are professional adults (not teenagers) who are familiar to the students. They are degreed, experienced, enthusiastic and totally compassionate about what they do.
  4. Camp Peachtree is both educational and fun and includes many opportunities for children to have fun while learning; Science Camp, Dance, Math, Language Arts, Arts and Culture and so much more.
  5. Peachtree is where all their friends will be.

After all, we've been providing great quality camps in our community for over 10 years.

Come on! Dive in at Peachtree, where the fun never ends!

Do you have a middle schooler? Are they already bored? Nothing to do? Not quite old enough to leave them alone yet?

Well, have no fear, Camp Peachtree is here!!! There is that age where we think they could probably handle it. Maybe they could even handle their little sibling? "But, well, uhhhh, okay, I'm just not ready for that yet. And I don't think my child is either." We understand! That's why this year we are really going to focus on the 4th - 8th graders and give them one awesome summer break! And we want to give you moms and dads a definite peace of mind. Don't feel guilty for leaving them at home, or for not having the time to give them because you are working so much. Let us help you. Call us today and we will give you more information.

Why do parents choose CAMP PEACHTREE for their children? Because they know it will be safe and it will be a summer that their child will never forget!

About our camp...

Collectively, we've been doing camps for over 25 years, so we have a little bit of experience regarding summer camp. We enjoy working summer camps here with our Peachtree kids each year. It's always amazing to see how much they grow and mature over the summer months. Though they are not in school, they are still learning and growing physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, as they continue to become the person that you hope them to be one day. We hope that you have a wonderful and safe summer with your family.

School is out, but let's not rob our children of the opportunity, or the need that they have to interact with their classmates and teachers on a more relaxed, safe and fun level. You ask why? Throughout the summer months our campers learn the importance of teamwork, problem solving, proper social behavior, practicing good hygiene, strong and positive character building, and so much more. We have a stellar team of counselors and leaders for your children that you will grow to love and appreciate as you get to know them. And we all have your child's best interest at heart! So, don't worry about whether or not they are having a fun summer, or whether or not they might be losing some of the reading, math and language art skills that they learned during the school year, or even whether or not they are completely safe in their environment. SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO CAMP PEACHTREE! Call today! 770-860-8900 Or email

So, although a visit with grandparents, or other family members during the summer is certainly important, encouraged, in fact, and lots of fun, children still need to have more, in order for them to be fully prepared for school in the fall. Let your children spend time with family, or friends this summer, but sign them up for camp too. Students need to have a continued degree of regiment in their lives during the summer, so that when they return to school, their adjustment period will be greatly reduced. They need to have continued social interaction with their friends in the summer time. Give them the opportunity to learn and strengthen the life skills that we will be teaching daily during summer camp at Peachtree Academy.

Fun things that we do with Pre-K - 8th grade at CAMP PEACHTREE!

Be sure to get your news bulletin from the front desk each week for specific field trip information, lunch menus and other pertinent information.

And there is more...





Summer Tutoring

Coca Cola Museum

Talent Show



Tour Rockdale Courthouse

Rockdale Humane Society

Dress up Character Day

Water Slides

Tour Rockdale Fire Department

Old Fashioned Cook Out


3 wheeler races for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Cooking classes

Wii competitions

Firetruck visit with giant water hose - Plan to get wet!

Water balloon and water gun challenge

International Horse Park

Fashion Design

Tennis Lessons

Make Your own Pizza Day

Visit to Highland and Oaks Golf Courses

Daytime Camping

Pajama Day

Movie & Popcorn Day




Homemade Ice Cream


Balloon Volleyball