Abraham Lincoln

The 16th United State's president

His early life

Lincoln was born in 1809 on the 12th of February, he lived in a 1 room log cabin in Kentucky. Then he and his family moved the southern Indiana in 1816 where he was in school for three periods in local schools and the constant support from his family. In 1830 they moved to Macon County where he got a job on river flatboat hauling freight down the Mississippi river to New Orleans.

His assassination

On the night of April 14 the actor John Wilkes Booth sneaked into the president's box and shot a bullet into the back of Lincoln's head. He lucky escaped without being spotted by anyone else. Lincoln was carried out to the boarding house across the street but it was to late. he never regain consciousness and died the next morning.

His role as a president

But before his death, Lincoln won the election to the US house of representatives in 1846 but there was only one problem. Not all Illinois voters agree with Lincoln so a war started between the US and Mexico. He promised not to do a reelection so he returned to Springfield in 1849 and people tried to push back Lincoln's right to be president and had to use the Kansas-Nebraska act in 1854.