Woolies BBQ Sundays

Info for staff

Check the roster

  • A week or so before your class is coming up - send home your BBQ notes .
  • Collect your notes as they are returned
  • By Thursday, if you don't have enough volunteers, calls need to be made.
  • If you are unwilling/unable to make the calls - let me know.

On Friday:

  1. Collect the eskies and the plastic boxes containing equipment and the float from the office
  2. If you are not attending on Sunday, ask one fo your parents to collect them

Sunday at Woolies

  • Go to the front desk, let them know you are there.
  • They will then set up the BBQ and tables.
  • They will also organise sausages and bread for you ( Lauren will ensure they are ordered every week)
  • Check there is enough drinks in the eskies. If not buy some more as well as some ice.
  • To buy the drinks, ice and anything else needed for the BBQ just go and get it from Woolies and take it to the front desk. They wll then add it to our tab to be paid at the end of the day out of the takings.
  • At the end of the day, let them know at the front desk you are finished. Clean up the BBQ, they will come and take it.
  • Pack everything else into the eskies and the boxes
  • Take unpacked sausages back to the front desk and pay what is owing out of the takings.
  • Take the rest fo the takings home and give it to the office on Monday. Or, if you are not there, either ask one of our parents to do so or a P&C member, or another staff member.