The Weekly Growl

March 6 - 10, 2017

This Week

Monday, March 6

  • Wear College Shirt w/Jeans

  • STAAR Ready 6th MAth, 7th Math, 8th Social Studies

  • 3:45 Staff Meeting, Cafeteria

Tuesday, March 7

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 8

  • 11:00 Orchestra UIL @ PAC
  • 3:45 Community Education Bond Meeting, Cafeteria

Thursday, March 9

  • Orchestra UIL
  • 5:00 Track Meet @ Deerpark

Friday, March 10

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • Bulldog Store Open During Lunches

Next Week

Monday, March 20

  • Wear College Shirt w/Jeans

  • 3:45 Behavior Committee, Library

Tuesday, March 21

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 22

  • 4:00 PLC Leads Meeting, Library

Thursday, March 23

  • 5:00 Track Meet @ Chisholm Trail

Friday, March 24

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans

Upcoming Events

March 28 STAAR: 7th Writing/ 8th Math (alternate Schedule TBD)

March 29 STAAR: 8th Reading

March 30 Bulldog Store Open During Lunches

March 30 Kona Ice After School

April 3, 4 District Track Meet @ Dragon Stadium

April 4 7:00 Beginner Orchestra/Mariachi Festival

April 5 - 7 UIL Choir

April 5 Early Release

April 5 IB Community Day

April 5 2:00 Faculty Meeting

April 7 7:45 IB Learner Profile Award Ceremony, Lecture Hall

April 14 Good Friday/Student and Staff Holiday

April 15 Orchestra Solo & Ensemble Contest

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​I would like to thank all the members of my team for the extra effort everyone has put forth to make sure that our students are being safely educated! We have had a few situations lately that have required everyone to be more flexible and to act more quickly than ever before​. Thank you Amanda Morales, Tulullah McKinley, Sam Smith, Turmaine Rice and Ashley Brunette! I love working with you guys!

- Patti Cole

Yvette Bradford, for being a rockstar administrator, colleague, mentor and mom!

And to all the faculty, staff and crew who helped with the musical! Way to go, Cool (wild)cats!

- Rae Collins

To Katie Schultz and Ceci Azulay for holding down the dept. chair duties while I was out...I'm forever grateful for everything y'all did!

To Milton Perez and Katie Schultz for taking over my case load duties while I was on maternity leave. I know that it was stressful at times, but Jordan and I truly are thankful from the bottom of our hearts! I'm blessed to be part of a such an awesome team.

To 8th grade math- Thank you for being awesome.

Hernandez staff- Thank you for being so supportive in your time, gifts, and support to not only my family but to the SPED dept and our students. :) I enjoyed my time at home, but I'm glad to be back with all of y'all!

- Caitlin La

Ms. Ontiveros for all the work she does for the kids she works with! She goes above and beyond for them and she truly cares about them.

- Mrs. Estrada

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  • March’s flower is the daffodil, which represents hope
  • The birthstone of March is the aquamarine, which symbolizes courage and bravery
  • March comes from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars
  • Spring officially begins in March! It starts anywhere from March 19 to March 21 every year
  • Celebrity Birthdays this month include Jon Bon Jovi (3/2), Jessica Biel (3/3), Chuck Norris (3/10), Albert Einstein (3/14), Adam Levine (3/18), William Shatner (3/22), Reese Witherspoon (3/22), Lady Gaga (3/28), and Celine Dion (3/30).
  • Monthly observances include American Red Cross Month, Fire Prevention Month, Women’s History Month, and National Reading Month

March Birthdays

Chenita Toler 3

Patti Cole 14

Briana Flores 20

Wendy Tucker 24

Kera Blay 26

Natalie Reale 30

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