Childbirth Preparation Course

come get informed and inspired to change your perspective on birth to a positive one

Topics include:

  • anatomy and physiology of birth

  • the emotional side of birth

  • tools, tips, positions and movement for a better birth

  • breathing and relaxation

  • intervention and protocols

  • second stage

  • nursing and post partum

what i offer

Service 1

  • Childbirth education course- 4 meetings 2.5 hours each.

Service 2

  • Private childbirth course- 4 meetings 2.5 hours each.

Service 3

  • Special one-on-one session: emotional preparation for childbirth.
    Dealing with concerns, fears and anxieties surrounding childbrith.

Option for classes and sessions at clients home.

English and Hebrew speaking.

Call NOW: 054-846-4114