By: Alex Stromski

What is Saturn?

  • Saturn is one of the eight planets in our galaxy
  • Saturn is one of the few planets that has rings surrounding it
  • It is entirely composed of gases, It is mostly made of hydrogen (94%) and Helium (6%)
  • Saturn has 32 moons (at least 2 are known to be able to support life)
  • A day on Saturn is only 10 hours
  • Currently there is a spacecraft named Cassini exploring and finding about more about Saturn each and every day
  • Nasa has found out most of the information we now know about the planet Saturn

How Was Saturn Discovered?

  • Saturn is one of the few planets you can see by with a naked eye so it has been viewed since ancient times,But was more formally discovered in 1610 by the famous astronomer Galileo with a telescope
  • At first he thought that the planet was actually three planets very close to each other because of its rings but he later discovered that the "Planets" were the rings
  • Many thought the planet was amazing and many started to view the planet on there own

The Future of Saturn

  • Saturn has a broad future
  • Even though there is not much to explore on the actual planet of Saturn because its made out of gas the moon titan could support life so scientists are interested in going there
  • One of the moons in specific is called titan
  • the reason scientists think titan is capable of supporting life is because of its rivers of liquid methane and this reminds them of what a early form of earth could have looked like before oxygen