Mrs. Lee's Second Grade News

Valley View Elementary

Growth Mindset

Our school district has been learning about Growth Mindset since the start of the 2015-2016 school year, and many of the teacher inservice days have been exploring why growth mindset is essential for all students and teachers. Today I found a resource that I wanted to share with you about growth mindset from Train Ugly (click on the box above). The article is lengthy, however the quote at the top and the matrix right under the top is worth taking a look at. I will be introducing it to the students and am constantly adjusting my language to support growth mindset learners!

If you are interested in finding out if you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, here is a link to an online survey:

What's Coming


We are exploring non-fiction books, and are continuing to learn about text features. This is an important unit, and we are practicing reading non-fiction books to help prepare us for the end of trimester reading tests (which use non-fiction books). At home, you can help your child learn about these text features by pointing out bold words (usually found in the glossary), headings, photographs, and captions. These can be found easily in magazines!


We began Unit 4 and have been learning about measurement. This unit focuses on inches, feet, and yards. We read a story called Jim and the Beanstalk, and learned about a "giant foot"...compared to a "teacher foot" which was the size of a ruler. We also learned to estimate length by using a measurement we already knew- the size of our heads! Students measured their head with a piece of yarn, and then used one inch tiles to find the length. Then they used their string to measure other items in the classroom. Measurement is an important part of our trimester 2 report card.

Science & Writing:

In science, we explored how seeds moved and followed an investigation from National Geographic that modeled how a burr from a "burdock plant" moves on animals (using a feather, leather, and fur). Students then learned that all scientists write conclusions when they are finished, and we practiced writing our own conclusions that would help future investigations.


A few students are asking to begin...cursive! We will wrap up our handwriting book this month and begin cursive in February.

Important Dates

January 22, 2016- Intergenerational Day

January 25, 2016- No School

February 4, 2016- Open House and PTO Bake Sale

February 19, 2016- Valley View Talent Show

February 23, 2016- 2nd/3rd Grade Winter Concert

Math Homework

The math packets seem to be working well, and I've heard some positive feedback about doing it this way. Students are more responsible turning in their homework and highlighting their name on the class list when it is completed. I will continue to use homework to group students for small group instruction in the daily lessons.