Dewberry Farms

Parent Volunteers

Important things to know...

  • First of all, I have never been to Dewberry Farms so I am not an expert on the flow of the day. It is going to be a great day!
  • Please program my cell phone into your mobile phone- 979-220-4148.
  • I would like you to send your child's lunch to school with them. If you would rather pack yours and theirs together, write me a note so I know you are bringing it. If I do not have a note or a lunch, your child will purchase a packed lunch from the cafeteria. I do not want to take the chance that a child will not have a lunch to eat.
  • Meet us at Dewberry Farms at 9:30. Below is a list of parents who are attending. Carpooling is encouraged.
  • A first aid kit will be available at the lunch area. I will also have all emergency information as well as tissues, sanitizer, and a few bandages in my backpack.
  • Although we will be traveling in a group, each parent will be with a few assigned students. This way, they have an adult near to answer questions they might have or attend to things quickly. Please remind the children to be respectful and curtious. These will be the children you focus on during lunch as well. It will give lunch a family feel. I will have sanitizer but a trip to the bathrooms during this time is recommended.
  • We will leave Dewberry Farms at @1:15. Please take your children to the bathroom before gathering to leave. EVERYONE must try to go! It is a long way back.
  • We will do our last head count before you are able to leave with your child. Please sign my clipboard stating that you have taken your child before leaving.

Emails of Parents Attending

If you are interested in possibly carpooling, here are the parents attending.

Mitzi Bales

Tracie Keler

Fiona Lockhart

Trisha McCleary