3 Most Dangerous Place in the World

By: Ben Renkly, Jacob Croghan, and Stephanie Smith


The world is made of constantly moving plates, but when those plates move, it takes up a huge amount of force to move them. when that pressure is released it causes earthquakes. Pakistan, Indonesia, India. All of these places claim to be the most dangerous due to natural disasters with good reason. All of these places run along the “ring of fire” which is the most tectonically active place in the world. Even though these places are overwhelmingly dangerous, people still live there, but why?

Islamabad, Pakistan

Some of the reasons people live in a place such as Pakistan is that new soil is produced, richer in minerals and nutrients and plants grow better there and settlements have sprung in those zones just because of the richness of the earth. Other reasons could be that most people live rather close to where they were born. Also, it could be of religious beliefs that the people of Pakistan don’t want to give up. Pakistan is essentially a made-up country consisting of those parts of India that had a lot of Muslims, but you can’t help but wonder “why do people live in Pakistan?” Pakistan is one of the lowest scoring places on earth in economy and health care.

Pakistan is on 3 different tectonic plates: the Arabic, the Indian, and the Eurasian. By that logic it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most dangerous places on this planet. Because Pakistan is on 3 different plate boundaries, including the largest plate boundary on earth, there would be many occasional earthquakes and volcanoes mainly because that the plates are constantly moving. The tectonic plates that Pakistan is on are divergent and convergent. Convergent boundaries push together and in that process when the stress finally gives in it creates massive shock waves the area that it’s close to. In divergent boundaries, the plates stretch apart from each other creating earthquakes when pulled to its limit.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes are some of the most destructive forces on earth. They can cause injury, homelessness, and even death. The number of people that died in the most recent earthquake in Pakistan was above 700 hundred people. Most of which were because they did not what to leave their homes. The magnitude of it was a seismic scale rating of 6.2, later they had an aftershock of 4.2. this shows how powerful the plates can be in Pakistan. The worst part is, is that it will not stop. Earthquakes will happen monthly on average with multiple aftershocks.

Jakarta, Indonesia

People live in Jakarta because the people are nice there. If you are nice to other people they will be nice to you. Another reason someone would live there is because they have scenic hotels and they are right next to the ocean. There are also some cool landmarks in middle of Jakarta. Religious or racial intolerance are concepts that are not understood here. Most people (86%) are Moslem; the remaining 14% are Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist and Hindu. Whichever of these religions you practice, you'll find that you're accepted and respected by everyone else. People will often refer to you by the color of your skin, which seems odd at first but usually carries no derogatory intentions. The acceptance and respect afforded to anyone of different religion or race is something the rest of the world needs to learn from Indonesia.

The distribution of earthquakes in the sub ducted plates can be used to make a cross-section of the Moluccas Sea area. Most of the Moluccas Sea Plate has been "consumed" (sub ducted) by the Halmahera seduction zone in the east and by the Sanguine seduction zone in the west. The volcanoes of Sulawesi, Sanguine, and Halmahera are fed by magma generated in the asthenosphere mantle that has been modified by fluids derived from the sub ducted Moluccas Sea Plate. In a few million years, all of the Moluccas Sea Plate will be sub ducted and the Sanguine and Halmahera plates will collide, shutting off volcanism. Simplified from Hamilton.

Indonesia has 76 volcanoes that have erupted in historic time - the largest number for any volcanic region. These volcanoes have had at least 1,171 eruptions, placing Indonesia second (after Japan) for the region with the most dated eruptions. In 1991, during the eruption of Lokon-Empung, 10,000 people were evacuated and there was only one fatality.in 1990, during the eruption of Kelut, 60,000 people were evacuated and there were 32 fatalities. In 1988, during the eruption of Makian, 15,000 people were evacuated and there were no fatalities. In 1982, during the eruption of Galunggung, 75,000 people were evacuated and there were 68 fatalities.

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Places after earthquakes

Delhi, India

Right smack dab in the middle of the world’s greenest and finest places lays Delhi, India. With some buildings being so high their considered a skyscraper and some old fashioned you thought you were in Rome. It being the old country that it is, you still see all the history or the culture left in this area. Not only is Delhi, India known or its culture but it’s beautiful flowers, like the Jammu and the Kashmir’s. With its unforgotten food and its beautiful colors, Delhi, India is a place so full of people and sites there is just too much to see and too much to admire.

India is located on the Indian plate, because India has many plates surrounding it like the African Plate, Arabian Plate, Eurasian Plate, and the Australian Plate. Earthquakes are formed when two different plates rub against each other. Creating force, and soon that force gets so strong it has to break. That break is called a fault then the fault turns into a wave which is what we like to call an earthquake. Earthquakes can be very deadly weather you get hit by stuff falling or get trapped by stuff falling.

With a population of 249, 998 people squeezed in 573 square miles, with skyscrapers and building taking up over half of that space. There are buildings everywhere whether it is a home or some type of business, making it very hard to get around. And with the ground shaking and parts of buildings falling and people pushing and shoving to get in some shelter. All of these things would make it not a very fun place to be when there is an earthquake. Not only does India have a frequency of having an earthquake every 2 years. India is a beautiful place with beautiful sites but because of the conditions Delhi, India is a dangerous place to live.


The previous paragraphs are proof of why these three places are most dangerous. The first dangerous thing we talked about was Jakarta, Indonesia, This place is dangerous because it sits on ring of fire.The second place that we talked about it is Islamabad, Pakistan, is dangerous because it sits on 3 tectonic plates. And the last one we talked about was Delhi, India, and that place is dangerous because its has a history of earthquakes.


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