Digital Citizenship

Meeting Online People in Real Life

Do you want to meet someone online?

Have you ever met someone

online? Have they ever asked to meet you in real life? 1 in 3 teens meet online friends in person, but it has to be safe. Here is a few facts to make sure your visit will be safe.

Fact Number One

Meet your 'friend' in public. Make sure there is lots of people. Even though you may consider them friends, they still are strangers. Also, make sure it's a place you don't usually go.
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Fact Number Two

Go with a friend or adult you trust. It can make meeting less awkward and there the more people, the safer. There is more safety in numbers.

Fact Number Three

Listen to your gut. If someone wants to meet that seems creepy or you're unsure about it, nicely decline the offer.
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Fact Number Four

If you are going to meet people on websites, make sure they vet (or check) their users.
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Fact Number Five

Have an 'escape' route in case the person you meet is not originally who you thought. In any public setting, look for a way to leave if things get out of hand.

Fact Number Six

Talk to them on the phone before meeting in person. Make sure your caller I.D. is blocked so they can't see it. You can tell a lot from a persons voice.

Fact Number Seven

Don't make offensive or insensitive jokes, you may seem like you're the creepy one.

Fact Number Eight

Use general questions and information. Don't tell them personal information, it could lead them a long way.

Fact Number Nine

Tell someone where you will be going. Not everyone wants to talk to their family or friends about someone online, considering many parents may not like the idea, but tell them where you're going in case something happens to you. And remember, they only worry because they care.

Fact Number Ten

Meet a few times by using the tips above before you start with more personal information. This helps make sure they're really the person you think you know.

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