Athletic Meeting & Website Update


Last Meeting is TONIGHT at 6:00 in High School Cafeteria!

Please refer to the Aquin web calendar for all the details. At least 1 parent/guardian and the student athlete MUST attend 1 meeting for 2014-15 to be allowed to practice. Make sure all of your paperwork and fees (including tuition) are current so your student athlete(s) may participate on the 1st day of practice--August 11th for football, August 13th for golf and volleyball.

PLEASE NOTE: Students MAY NOT participate in practice if they do not have a completed physical on file in the Aquin Business Office. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL and not up to the discretion of the coach. It is policy for the safety of your student athlete.

Family Database Information

Our family directory which is maintained on the Aquin website has been updated for 2014-15. This directory lists all of our current Aquin families, staff--and a few alumni families who have requested to remain on our lists. This password protected directory serves 2 functions for communications.

  1. The directory provides contact information of our Aquin families including parent names, student names, grade levels, street addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

  2. ‘Upcoming Events’ emails are sent automatically every Friday to the email addresses maintained in this directory.

Access the Directory

Go to the Aquin website at Click on the gold ‘Parents’ button in the center of the homepage. Then, scroll down the left navigation and click on ‘Family Directory’. The log-in page will then appear. Your log-in is the 1st initial of the male head of household’ followed by your family name (ours is ‘rdiemer’). The default password is ‘123456’. Once you have logged in, please reset your password for the safety of all our families. Also, once in, please update your information if necessary.

The directory is updated at the beginning of each school year, but it would be very helpful if you could maintain your own listing as needed. Check the email addresses listed with your account.

  • You can have 2 email addresses per account.

  • You can enter your student’s email addresses and select the option to have them receive the ‘Upcoming Events’ email every Friday.

  • You can opt to have your email listed, but not receive the weekly email.

If you are a returning family and cannot remember your updated password, click on the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link. If you don’t remember your username though, just email and I can reset your password or send you your current password.

Features of the Database

The Family Database has had a few changes over the years. Our families use it for birthday party invitations, graduation invitations, etc. You can use the ‘search’ tool within the database to narrow your search by levels--preschool, elementary, junior high, senior high, and faculty/staff. Unfortunately, you cannot search by grade level, but that may be coming as a new tool has just been added. Also, you cannot download the entire database as a spreadsheet.

Coming to a New Location Soon!

As we are about halfway through our website ‘remodel’, the homepage will be changing soon and the gold buttons will be gone. The ‘Family Directory’ will be listed under the new navigation titled ‘Announcements’ and then the sub-navigation titled ‘Parents’.

'Search' Box

Another very easy way to access the directory (or anything else that you’re looking for on the website) is to use the ‘Search’ box in the top right corner of the homepage. That box will remain in that same location in the new design.

Website Update

Mobile Site Updated!

We are happy to announce that our mobile site has recently received some updates that make it more functional than before. The biggest change that I've noticed is improved functionality of the 'Calendar' page. You can now access any month on your phone--check it out and enjoy the upgrade!

Complete Site Remodel

We are about halfway through the 'remodel' of the website. Currently, we are waiting for some background updates to be made by Faithwebsites, our webhost. Our current site is still functional, but some pages have been moved to new locations. Some of these changes are temporary though--and may not make sense right now--but when the 'remodel' is done, the changes will be good.

Our recommendation for finding items on the site now is to use the 'Search' box in the top right corner of the site. That is working correctly and will remain in the same location in the new design.

If you come across links or pages that have a white box with a smaller icon inside--or are redirected to a page that says 'This page cannot be found' (or something similar), please email with the page or link that is not working. During the moving of pages and the background information, some links have been broken (and re-linked and broken again). We will work as quickly as possible to restore the page/link or provide you with direct access to what you're looking for.

We appreciate your patience and are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.