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Height and Weight

The average Lipizzan is 16.1 hands tall. That is taller than most horse breeds! The Lipizzan average weight is 1,150 pounds which is also heavier than most horse breeds. The Lipizzan has a higher life expectancy than other horses. The average horse tends to live between 25 and 30 years where the Lipizzan usually lives longer than that.
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Coloration, Physical characteristics, and Orgin

The Lipizzan has five common coat colors. When I researched, it said they can be Bay, Gray, Chestnut, Black, and Dun, but I have only seen white ones. The Lipizzan has a more diverse coat colors than other breeds even though looking at them, they appear all white. The Lipizzan is known to be a beautiful but larger horse. They originated from Spain. Their ancestor is the Karst Horse. Lipizzan's were developed through selective breeding.

Purpose of the Lipizzan

The Lipizzan is known to be a great horse for riding and work. The Lipizzan has a diverse set of abilities that makes them good for almost everything. They are known for being gentle, kind, generous, and winning. Whether it is work, dressage, racing, or general riding, the Lipizzan is the best for it.

Important information about Lipizzan's

  • Even though they are a fairly healthy horse, you still need to watch out for melanoma. They can get melanoma easy because of their fair coat.
  • They are warm blooded.
  • They are mild tempered.
  • They are a pretty rare. There is only 3,000 of them world wide.
  • Because of their white coat, they need to be groomed daily.

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