Lower School Roadmap

October 27th - 31st

Upcoming Events

10.27 Lower School Team Meeting @12pm EST

10.29 Lower School Information Session @11am & 8 pm EST

All Staff Meeting @12pm EST

13-14 Term 8 End

10.30 iKid Social @12pm EST

10.31 Coach to Coach Chat @11am EST

October Progress

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Weekly Reminders

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Lower School Goals

Goal 1-80% or more of Full Time students will complete the Pre Scantron (fall terms 1-6)

Goal 2- Successful synchronous contact with at least 80% of all students each month.

Goal 3- 100% of full time students will have an ILP completed twice during the school year.

Goal 4- 100% of all students will receive an individualized K-Mail communication at least 3x within each semester.

Goal 5: 95% or more students will complete the Welcome to Online Learning course.

Communication Commanders

October 13th - 17th

Logging and Tagging Notes

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Scantron Sass - Way to go Lower School!!!

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Teacher Survey

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Teacher Daily Reminders

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Upcoming Lower School Events