Membership Updates

High Point Alumnae Chapter

Meeting Recap

Thank you to each of you who presented and contributed to the Membership initiatives at Saturday's meeting. Soror Dorsett recognized the November birthdays and mailed the birthday cards (created by Soror Ardrey) to the October and November birthdays. Soror Porter presented the Delta Diva Spotlight award to Soror Ardrey. Soror Green prepared a sash and adorned our recipient with a crown. Soror Hardin presented our visitor with a gift (a book, bookmark, and letter opener). Thanks to each of you for being on point and for your service to the chapter.


Did you all notice that we were supposed to have a meeting Sunday night at 6:30, because I didn't! I apologize for letting this scheduled meeting slip by us. We will reschedule this meeting for Thursday, November 14th, or Tuesday, November 19th at 6:30. Please email me your preference by Tuesday, November 12th. This meeting will be held by phone conference. On the agenda for discussion will be December birthdays and recognition, Chapter Photo information, Paraphernalia Swap update, and budget. Let me know if there is more information that you'd like added to the agenda. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I will send a follow up email which contains the meeting date and the dial-in information.

Yours In Delta,

Soror Nelson

Vice President

Membership Chair