Newsletter and Email Credits

Here's what you need to know!

👋 A quick heads-up

If you're here, there's a good chance you're on our Free plan, which has a limited number of newsletter credits.

If you're looking to create unlimited newsletters, check out one of our Pro plans! (You get lots of other great features, too!)

What are newsletter credits?

Every time you create a newsletter, you use one newsletter credit. Users on our Free plan get three newsletter credits, meaning, they can create a total of three newsletters, including newsletters that are subsequently deleted.

However, folks on any of our Smore Pro plans get unlimited newsletter credits, meaning that you can create as many newsletters as you'd like - and then some.

If you're on our Free plan and you run out of newsletter credits, you can always upgrade to any of our Pro plans to get back to creating amazing content!

What are email credits?

When you send emails through Smore's Share with Email tool, you use up email credits. Each recipient costs you one credit. So, for example, if you send one email to 100 people, you'll use up 100 credits.

Users on our Free plan receive 200 email credits every month. Users on our Smore Pro plans receive UNLIMITED newsletter credits, and can send a whole lotta emails (depending on which plan you're on). Pro plans are limited by the number of contacts that can be stored in their Mailing List. If you go over the Mailing List contact limit, you won't be able to send your newsletter.


If I delete a newsletter, does it still count against my newsletter limit?
Yes, it does. For example, if you're on our Free plan, and you create three newsletters but then delete one, you'll still need to upgrade in order to create another newsletter.

Help! How many email credits do I get on my plan?
Basic plans get 10,000 email sends. Professional and Business plans get unlimited sends, but have different contact list size limits.

How 'bout on an Educator plan?
Users on our One Educator plan get 5,000 email credits (sends) per month, and those on our One Educator Plus plan get 20,000 email credits per month. Remember, though, that if your contact list size exceeds the number of email credits you have, you won't be able to email everyone on your list. Meaning, if you are on a One Educator plan, and have 5,100 contacts on your contact list, you would not be able to email all 5,100 recipients in a given month, since your plan only supports a maximum 5,000 sends.

What about a non-profit plan?
All of our non-profit plans allow unlimited newsletter sends, but each tier has a different contact list size limit.

Can you give me a realistic example to illustrate how many times I can send emails to people in a month?
Sure. Let's say you're a Professional plan user. You can send as many emails as you want, but only to a total of 8,000 people, unless you upgrade to a plan that supports more email sends.

If I don't use up all my email credits in a given month, can I apply the balance toward next month?
Email credits, unlike Beethoven, do not roll over.

If I email a listserv, how many email credits does that use up?
It only counts as one credit, however, if any one recipient unsubscribes from your email, everyone else on the listserv is automatically unsubscribed, as well.