Memorial for the disabled Athletes

By Avery Morrison

What is your issue?

Man, woman, child, adult, black, or white it doesn't matter people will still judge you if you have a disability. That is the issue. I would like to make a memorial for a certain disabled wrestler. Willie Burton is a wrestler who never gives up no matter the challenge throw in front of him.


A memorial for Willie and people who are like him to spread the word of how strong and how amazing these people they judge actually are. Its a good thing to make a memorial for because it shows people what the "disabled" go throw everyday and what they think and it will show how they are just like us but with more of a challenge. I think by sharing Willies story it will show that.
E:60 Will Power (narrated by Dan Gable)


At a gym. I would hold the memorial at a wrestling gym because it the place where Willie loves to be. He is a true hearted wrestler with a passion for it no matter his differnces/challenges and i want to make a memorial to show that to everyone, and i feel like at the wrestling match gym where he won is one match.

Who does my issue affect?

My memorial would affect the disabled athletes and the people who are interested in their situation. It will hopefully open up another way of seeing the disabled athletes for the people who judge them and it will help the disabled with how to handle being judged.
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The goal of the memorial is to open up the eyes to another way of seeing the disabled Athletes. To share an amazing story about a teenage boy with a disability and show how special and amazing they can really be.


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A stone statue of Willie with his hand being raised. It symbolizes the one time Willie won a wrestling match, it also shows that anything really is possible even with a tough challenge that gets thrown at you.


-Stone statue