Christmas newsletter 2012

What the Perrins are up to this Christmas

I'm writing this in sitting alone in our apartment which is not so unusual this year. Rhiannon is in her third year at boarding school in the UK and Jonathan has spent just about 2/3rds of the year out of Hong Kong for work reasons so it's mostly been just Rhys and I at home. However, he has a social life too so here I am, sat on my own waiting for the weekend when we will all be under the same roof! Rhys and I fly on Friday to the UK via Dubai and Jonathan joins us from Columbo on Saturday. It will be wonderful to be together again, last time was August in the warmth of Hong Kong.
We've had a busy year as normal. Jonathan has been mostly working abroad this year so we made the extra effort to have a family holiday in Phuket this summer. We had an amazing week soaking up the sun and enjoying each other's company as well as taking a day out on a speed boat to the islands for sight-seeing and swimming. He has also completed two Ironman races and plenty of shorter distance races.

Rhiannon studied incredibly hard this year and was rewarded with superb GCSE results this summer and is now taking A levels in Chemistry, English and Maths and Pre U History. She is also back doing gymnastics, rowing, trampolining and netball and is looking forward to the half-term netball tour of the Middle East.

Rhys is back at Faust (his acting company) and has a number of small roles in their forthcoming production of Michael Morpurgo's "Kensuke's Kingdom" at the Hong Kong APA theatre. He has just finished his mock iGCSE exams and is looking forward to a rest!

I am now in my sixth year as Library Assistant at Bradbury School and working for the third librarian in six years, not sure how I'm scaring them off but......I really love my job and know the children quite well now. I'm no longer on the PTA at Rhys' school so my social life has taken off and I have a few lovely groups of friends who I go out with and the China Bar in Lan Kwai Fong has become a second home....oh dear!

We also have three guinea pigs now, Jonathan is sure I've lost the plot and he may well be right!