Crownover's Techy Classroom

QR Codes, Voki, Padlet, and Remind

Tools that I have chosen to use

I have chosen to use a number of the tools were introduced to us at the BYOD training at the beginning of August. During the first week of school I created QR codes to ask the students questions about themselves. They then answered the questions by creating a voki. The voki allowed the students to share information about themselves without having to present in front of the class. I have also set up Remind 101 accounts for each class.Lastly, my students were given the principles of design and were told to find pictures that demonstrated each principle and create a padlet with the pictures and descriptions of each principle on it.


Technology is a great tool to use with your students, but it can also be a hassle. The issue that I ran into with using QR codes is people not having cell phones, or another device to be able to scan the QR code. Later in the year I will be able to pair students together, but on the first day of school no one wants to pair up because they do not know each other yet. Also, Voki made the students verify their email address, but the school blocked some of the email websites. Overall using technology makes the lessons more fun, and the students enjoy using the technology in the classroom. I have decided to have students test out the technology the day before we actually use it in order to properly prepare for the next day.