Reasons why you should do this career:

Their employment change is 6 %

They conduct research

Prepare and file legal documents

Training & Education:

The degree required to become a lawyer is a bachelors degree.
You also have to have writing skills and problem solving skills.

Working Enviormnet:

Lawyers work indoors and work in an office.
Lawyers also work as individuals in their office.

Job Discription:

Salary~Lawyers salary is about $114,975
Growth Opportunities~
-Are practicing
-have my own office
Job outlook~Is 6%
-Communicate with their clients
-Interpret laws ruling and regulation
-Advise to represent clients in court
-Conduct research and analysis of legal problems


I still have an interest in pursuing this career after completing my research.
This is because it helps my improve in my problem solving skills.This also
helps clients.