Mrs. Stump's First Grade Fun

Learning to live, love, and grow

What are we learning?

During reading, we are working on short vowel sounds. We also learned how to finger spell the sounds we know and blend them into words. We discovered the strategy of Stretchy Snake where we stretch out the word to hear all the sounds. We are practicing retelling parts of a story by identifying the characters, setting, problem, and solution.

We are finalizing our small moment stories by putting on our editor hats. We are editing and revising our stories and getting them ready for publication! The students are remembering to use capital letters and punctuation and to spell the best they can! They are SO excited to share them with all of you!!

As we finish up our studies of the 7 Habits, we learned about Sharpen the Saw. We need to be in balance with our mind, body, soul, and heart. Balance feels best!

We are learning all about ways to make 10 in math. We played "Make 10" with the digit cards and "10 Towers" with the unifex cubes. The students are also beginning to solve story problems and find the missing number in the equation. We created an "Addition Strategies" flip book to remember all the ways we can add numbers together.

We had a visit from the Glenview Fire Department and learned many ways stay safe. Ask your child to tell you what needs to be replaced in your smoke alarm! Please also show your child how to use your phone in case of an emergency. Finally, designate a special meeting place outside should you ever need to leave your home for a fire. We also reviewed "Stop, Drop, and Roll."

Upcoming Events:

Half Day of School (dismissal at 11:45) - October 19 & 20

Parent/Teacher Conferences - October 19 & 20

No School - October 21