Kyle Roberts


Opium, is the dried latex that is taken from the Opium Poppy plant by cutting the plant and retrieving the liquid expelled from the plant. Once the liquid form dries it turns into a strange yellow material that is also called "gum" by opium poppy farmers.

This drug is also known as an depressant, due to its narcotic, and analgesic affects on the body, especially towards the central nervous system.

Slang terms

Big O, Auntie Emma, Chinese Molasses, Midnight Oil, God's Medicine.

Effects and Dangers of this drug

This drug may cause slower breathing, which may cause unconsciousness and if extreme amounts of doses death may occur. It may also cause nausea, confusion, and constipation. If this drug is mixed with other substances that depress the central nervous system, it can be a large risk to your respiratory depression. Finally, this drug may cause euphoria, which is a state of extreme happiness or excitment.


This drug basically looks like black or brown tar powder. It is available in liquid or solid. Opium can be smoked, injected, or taken as a pill. This drug is very similar to heroin.


Generally, I would certainly say to stay away from illegal drugs. Due to their short term and long term consequences, which can include many deathly diseases, and even in extreme cases death. This drug and many other drugs are highly addictive, and will affect your entire life forever and will always haunt you.

Questions from original packet.

1). As of drug abuse, I think it is not a good thing, especially because it would be the users fault he became addicted, and unreasonably using the drug. I feel that that it can be difficult to stop because the person may be hiding their drug abuse, but we should find a simple way that it can be easily stopped.

2). I do not have a family policy about drug abuse, but I have had multiple talks with my parents, and I know the dangers of drug abuse, and how to prevent incidents like drug abuse from happening.

3). If I were to hear about kids at my school going drugs, I would go to a teacher I trust, and inform them about the news and try to prove if it is actually true, or simply a rumor.

4). If someone were to offer me drugs, I would simply say no, and walk away. Other ways I could deal with the pressure would be to say that I have other plans, or pretend I'm sick.

5). I think that drugs exist simply because they involve money. Today, everything we do involves money. Since drugs cost a lot of money, they are a high priority for people to sell.

6). The difference between legal medicine and illegal drugs is that legal medicine it meant to fight bacterias, or prevent bacteria to get a person sick. Illegal drugs are basically meant for euphoria, which is the extreme excitement or happiness cause by the drug.