Region 6 Leadership Update

March 23, 2020

TEA Corona Virus Update

  • New information has been added to the TEA CoronaVirus website. This includes a Q&A from the federal government regarding SPED. That website is

352 cases statewide with over 10,000 tested

46 counties are impacted

8 deaths

  • Individual cities and counties are implementing or will by 5 pm announce full-blown shelter in place.

  • English Learners: Follow the link TELPAS and LPAC Guidance posted. If you have students that have partially finished their testing there is a flow chart on how to approach this situation.
  • Food and Nutrition Updates: Follow the link NSLP Resources for all the latest information

Leadership & Accountability

TEA Updates:

  • Assessment: Follow the link for Assessment Guidance - Chart for thinking through EOC scenarios. The assessment guidance piece on the website has been updated.

  • Please post as questions you have about assessment. We will contact TEA and get an answer. Follow Link: Assessment Questions

Here are some links that may be important for secondary administrators

Latest TEA briefing regarding SAT/ACT, TSIA, AP/IB exams (March 19, 2020)

DATE: 3/19/2020 SUBJECT: TEA Coronavirus Update: SAT, ACT, TSIA, and AP/IB Programs

Info regarding SAT testing

Coronavirus Updates for Students Taking the SAT

Info regarding ACT testing

April 2020 National Exam COVID-19 - The ACT Test

Info regarding AP testing

AP Updates for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus

Info and online support for AP students

Info regarding TSIA testing

Coronavirus Update for Higher Education

Teaching and Learning Department

We hope this email finds you well and healthy. Our commitment to you is, and will continue to be, based on customized service and personalized relationships. In an effort to support the many challenges facing the remote continuum of instruction, the entire Teaching and Learning department has been working to create an Instructional COVID-19 webpage. Included on the site, are links to helpful resources, specialist contact information, and the announcement of our upcoming regional collaborative webinars. Most importantly, we want you to know all Teaching and Learning staff members are available and committed to assisting teachers, administrators, and leadership teams during this time of transition. Please distribute our contact information to your campuses and teachers so they may take advantage of this as needed.

Our intention is to continually update the Region 6 ESC Instructional COVID-19 webpage. As updates are made, we will continue to create documents, like the one attached, which summarizes new information posted and provides dates for the regional collaborative webinars.

We know that you, the instructional leaders, have faced and will continue to face challenges throughout this time of uncertainty. Please contact us and we will, as best we can, help you navigate through instructional obstacles as they occur.


  • LEAs should also consider ways to use distance technology to the extent possible to provide child find, hold initial and annual ARD committee meetings, and/or evaluation/eligibility meetings, if the LEA members and parents are available but not able to attend in person. Continuing to complete ARD committee and evaluation/eligibility meetings will help decrease the workload when school resumes. If required members of the committee and/or parents are not available or believe their participation is impacted by the lack of an in-person meeting, LEAs should document the reason and complete the activity in a timely manner following the ending of school closures.
  • When school resumes, ARD committees should address student-specific needs resulting from the closure. This might include discussions of compensatory education and extended school year (ESY) services made on a case-by-case basis. Any need for compensatory services related to school closure or inability to fully implement a student’s IEP will be addressed by ARD committees after school closures end.
COVID-19 & Special Education

Click for more information from TEA & Department of Education

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Online Teaching Resources

Get More Math® (GMM) is offering complimentary use of our program across the state of Texas during these trying times. Teachers can assign work, monitor students in real time, send personal messages to kids as they are working online, and keep track of progress. We are TEKS aligned grades 4 through 8, Algebra 1 and Geometry. Although alignment for grade 3 and Algebra 2 is not complete, there is quite a bit of content already available. Feel free to add GMM to your resource offerings and you may list me as a contact person.