Irena Levkovich

12-14 July, 2014 - gypsy fashion

Show class " Seamless jacket" / "Dress"

12 July 2014 10.00-16.30 Jacket

13 July 2014 10.00-16.30 Dress

This class is oriented at a wide spectrum of students both practicing felting and those who are just discovering this wonderful craft. Lack of a previous experience in building patterns and producing felted garments is not an impediment: i will teach you both of these skills.

You will witness the A to Z of making a felted jacket or dress: from calculating the shrinkage ratio, building a pattern, to several fitting-to-shape techniques.

Together we'll build the template-resist and learn how the direction of wool layout affecting the final shape if the garment. You will also know how do different decorating materials behave in felting.

There is a lot to be covered, so the students are encouraged to participate in the creative process: the master will make the jacket with your help.

We'll start with some theory and quickly move to some fun felting. You can take pictures and ask all the questions you like, but please, don't do any video recording.

Can't wait to meet you at my show-class! I promise it will be fun. Cheers Irena.

"Bolero with roses" Master Class.

14 July 2014

I love to make these boleros. They are original, dressy and practical. In this workshop you will learn several skills at once!



- make yourself a BOLERO ( learn: fiber directions of the layout , choice of materials for seamless padding, how to make a conditional seam smooth and unobtrusive )


Join us! It will be fun and interesting! Amount of students is limited.

Fashion Magazine (Russia) says..

Irena says she takes her inspiration from small details, like colorful buttons or a little brooch, that become a center point of her new design. Then follows an appropriate color scheme and a fitting shape, From one little accessory Iryna creates an entire design: first in her head and then in her workshop. The artist masterfully combines wool, alpaca fleece, fine silk and other eco materials. She uses all natural dyes: from tree leaves to coffee beans. The result - elegantly designed, beautifully crafted, completely eco-friendly felted clothes.
Levkovich is a prolific master, who's work is annually welcomed at DC Fashion Week and a patient teacher, who shares the secrets of her craft via live webcasts to an online audience.


All workshops are being teached in Dutch and/or English. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, warm dishes, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.
Irena Levkovich at DC Fashion Week 2013

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