Congo Kinshasa

the main differences in the congo and the united states

Congo Kinshasa Language

There are many differences bteween the Congo Kinshasa and the United States. One major one is the language people speak in the Congo Kinshasa is french and in the United States we speak Engish, and there main language is french and our country English is the main language

Congo Kinshasa Religion.

Most of there population is Roman Catholic.

Many of them had mixed beliefs.

About 10% of there population is muslim.

Congo KInshasa food and eating.

They mostly eat meet.

They eat a light breakfast.

They eat a larger meal in the afternoon for dinner.

United states language.

Most Americans speak English.

Most people in the same community speak the same language.

About 90% of our country speaks English.

United States Religion.

Most of our population is Christian.

The USA has a variety of beliefs.

Religion doesn't really play a role in our daily life.

United States food and eating.

Americans can eat meet or they can eat vegetables.

Some of our foods are pizza, cereal,corn, and mashed potatos.

In America people can eat what they want for breakfast.