Being an Underdog

By: Allison

What is an underdog?

In your lifetime you've most likely heard of an underdog at least once, but do you really know exactly what an underdog is? An underdog has many qualities that make them who they are. For example, an underdog is usually the loser or the predicted loser that struggles or is in a contest. They are ridiculed by others because they expect them to lose even though they might end up winning. They also are seen as the less powerful person that struggles against a more powerful person. Underdogs end up being called underdogs because they are considered "under" the more powerful person and are not as know as them. Being a victim of injustice is a common thing underdogs face. They usually have a lack of fairness since most people like, and know of the opposing person. Another quality is that they're thought to have little chances of winning due to unfairness and injustice. If someone in a game has 5 players and the other team has 2, the people with 2 on the team are the underdogs since there is unfairness and are thought to most likely loose. Most importantly, and underdog, usually, is a person with little status in society. For instance, if you have a team that is well known throughout the area you'll think that they'd win compared to a team that is not well known throughout the area at all. Overall, underdogs posses many qualities that are well known about and some that aren't.

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Underdogs vs Favorites

There are two types of people who persevere in life, the underdog and the favorite. Both the underdog and the favorite and similar and different in many ways.

One example from is that underdogs usually work in a team with other people. However, favorites usually work alone and are more independent. Also underdogs have grit, which is courage and resolve. Likewise favorites strive towards goals. Having qualities like those will help them achieve a lot in life. Some favorites tend to act empathetic and act like they care which differs from underdogs because they are usually very empathetic and mean it. Both underdogs and favorites tend to be confident in what they do. Although, the favorites confidence is shared by others while the underdog only has their own confidence. The underdog can have more self confidence because they're not being encouraged as much as the favorite. If they don't have self confidence they won't make it far because they'd constantly be doubting themselves. There are many similarities and differences of being an underdog and a favorite but they both achieve in many ways.

Books have underdogs too

Not only are there underdogs in real life but they are in books too, even if they're non-fiction. In the story Yellow Star, by Jennifer Roy, the main character, Sylvia, experiences many events that lead up to her becoming an underdog. The first event is in February 1940, her family and many others get isolated inside a place called the ghetto by Nazi soldiers because they want to overrule them. The second event is in this fascinating story is in the ghetto people start to go missing including Sylvia's friends Havai and Itka. Next in the winter of 1942 the Nazi's start to take Jews to concentration camps and Sylvia and other children hide in a cellar in hope of not being taken away. Then, after that, the children hiding in the cellar get caught so they find a new hiding place in a house by the Nazi's home so they can see what they're doing. Following that event, Sylvia wakes up in the middle of the night and hears a loud noise, like bombs, and wakes her father up. Everyone soon follows and they rush out of the house, as do the Nazi's, and to find an open are to not get bombed. Lastly, Russian soldiers find them and take them away from the ghetto to a safer place. This shows that in the beginning of the story Sylvia wasn't as much of an underdog but towards the end, even though she was younger than most people there, she saved them. Overall, in life and fiction, there are underdogs that help out everyone.

Taken from Yellow Star, by Jennifer Roy

Bessie Coleman: Chasing her dreams

The underdog faces many problems and they all solve it differently. Bessie Coleman faced hardship when she wanted to become a pilot. One problem is that back then people weren't as accepting of woman. They would think that she wasn't able to do it or they thought that maybe she was better than them. Another challenge was because of her race. Like they treated woman, they weren't fond of African Americans which made it even harder for Bessie. Not only would they reject her because of her gender but also because of her ethnicity. But, that didn't stop her, she kept going to license offices but the same think kept happening: they wouldn't let her fly. Bessie thought of many ways to solve this issue, one be moving to Chicago, Illinois, but that still didn't work. Her friend Robert Abbot, gave her a fantastic idea. The idea was to go to France and try to get he licence there since they were more accepting. That idea solved the problems Bessie faced and helped her get her licence. All in all, underdogs and others have problems in life and solve them in many ways.

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Michael Oher: The impacts of action

In life we all have events that happen that causes something else to happen that effects our life in many ways. Michael Oher had a rough life as a child. Both of his parents were drug addicts and he never had any type of support in his life. He would always be going in an out of foster homes, was frequently homeless, and was a poor student in school. That once changes when Leigh Anne Tuohy decides to take him in when she saw he was in distress. One effect of this happening is he excelled in football since his new family could support him doing so. Another effect is he had support because of Leigh Anne bringing him into her house. That also lead to him doing much better in school since he had someone to help pay for his education an bring him to and from school since he had to walk all the time before. As stated previously he had no house to live in so him moving in with the Tuohy's helped him find a place to live at and have shelter. Most importantly, it effected his life because he got a loving family that care for him so much. They change his life in so many positive ways and helped bring the good out of him. All in all, if something happens in their life it could effect them in many ways, hopefully in a good way like Michael Oher had.

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