North Carolina

Enjoy land, money, and a lot more

Welcome to North Carolina!

North Carolina is beautiful place where we grow rice, indigo, and tobacco. We became a state on November 21, 1789. It was when King Charles the second created a charter. It was named after from Carolus, the Latin word for Charles. He founded it to make money and power. It is full of mountains.


North Carolina is under royal rule. The Assembly has a great deal of power at the expense of the weak governors.There are five royal governors. They are appointed by the kings officials. (On the right is a picture of Arthur Dobbs, one of the kings officials.)


The Southern colonists had a mix of religions including Baptists and Anglicans. Most of the churches were familiar looking. Also people think church is an all day thing spending most of their time there. They believe that it is very important to go the church.


Kids old enough to go to school for the most are taught at home, or by private tutors. As soon as they become teenagers they go off the college. Kids learned to read from books called horn books.

Our crops

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