Tuesday Announcements

October 24, 2017

Professional Development Day: October 27

On Friday, October 27 there will be a half day of class for students and the afternoon will be asynchronous for the remainder of the day for the students. We will utilize the below schedule to meet with students in class for the morning. Students can then work on assignments in the afternoon asynchronously.

Teachers will participate in professional development activities during the afternoon.

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Student Data Day

Students will work asynchronously during the day on Monday, October 30. Teachers will work to review CDT data for their students, look at common quarterly assessment data, begin to prepare for 2nd quarter common assessment by reviewing content standards to be assessed.

This is a change from the original format since teacher conferences are only 3 weeks away this time can be better used to ensure teachers know relevant student data for those meetings and students are prepared with a goal.

Students will still receive an email of their CDT scores as well as the form to begin to write 1-2 goals for the next benchmark assessment. During homeroom time for (Nov 1,6,8,13 & 15) will be used to ensure students are writing goals, completing survey and ready to review them during the parent/student/teacher conference. This will save time writing them during the conference so they can just be reviewed and then discussed along with their overall academic progress from daily instruction.

Homeroom slides will be prepared for all teachers to use to ensure students are completing the benchmark goal from the CDT. Teachers will not have to prepare their own slides. The slides can be used during any of the days or all of the days as needed to have students complete student goals. Career goals can be skipped for the month of November while we focus on CDT information.

Information pertaining to teacher conference guidelines will be forth coming.

Teacher/Parent/Student Conferences

These conferences will take place the week of Thanksgiving break (November 20, 21, and 22). The days will be asynchronous days for students. This was voted on last year to allow teachers to focus on the conference and get to as many students and parents as possible. I just wanted to put this on the radar for planning purposes. More information pertaining to structure and scheduling will be forthcoming.

Have a good week!

~ Bridget