John Cornyn

Pros and Cons of Keystone Pipeline


  • Very large supply. Second largest oil field in the world.
  • Economically recoverable at today’s oil prices
  • Will help keep oil prices relatively low
  • Enormous growth potential. Less than 5 percent has been produced.
  • Big economic driver in Alberta. Jobs for Native Americans.
  • Stable source country (a rarity for oil)
  • GHG emissions could potentially be minimized through CCS


  • Enormous GHG emissions. Oil sands are already Canada’s largest source of CO2 emissions.
  • Relatively low net energy return compared to other sources
  • Alberta, with only 10 percent of the population, emits the most GHG emissions of any province. Provincial government has been slow to respond.
  • Large amounts of water required: roughly 3:1
  • Water pollution. Roughly 3 million gallons of toxic runoff per day. Fifty square miles now covered in toxic pools
  • Destructive to major boreal forest, an important carbon sink
  • Widespread habitat destruction, both on land and water
  • Destructive to ancestral lands
  • Requires expensive and risky pipeline to reach faraway markets

John Cornyn is all for the Keystone Pipeline, he believes that it will create thousands of jobs and bring oil to places that really need it.

Minimum Wage


  • Workers will make more money
  • People will have more money to buy things


  • Businesses will eliminate many jobs to save money
  • Businesses will raise prices because of lost money

John Cornyn is totally against the raise of minimum wage, he believes that companies will just fire employees to save money and this will hurt the economy instead of helping it.

Senator Biography

  • Born in Houston Texas
  • Raised in San Antonio
  • Masters in Law from University of Virginia Law School

Senators Platform

  • He is against the Affordable Care Act, but also against Ted Cruz's radical plan
  • He is against gun control
  • limited government control
  • against health care
  • lower taxes
  • secure the border with mexico

Senator reelection

John Cornyn is up for reelection this year, so I believe that the Keystone Pipeline and the minimum wage issues will affect his election. These are big issues right now and his election is right in the middle of it.

Senator John Cornyn