Think, don't Drink

Short Term Affects

A short term affect of abusing alcohol blurred vision,Intoxication, and slows down parts of the brain that control feelings and reflexes. When someone has blurred vision due to alcohol it can injure them like getting in a car accident or even killed. The person can also hurt someone else. When a person is intoxicated they lack control over mental and physical abilities due to high BAC. When a persons brain is slowed down they have slow reflexes and they act feel different. If a persons has slow reflexes and they drive they can easily get into a car accident.

Alcohol and your health

Alcohol can hurt. you and your health.Over time alcohol weakens the heart muscle and increasing the persons risk of stroke or heart attack. Alcohol kills brain cells and that causes the brain to shrink, the brain cells can not be restored.Also it dulls the senses and impairs memory. You can also get liver cancer which in the liver grows scar tissue instead of healthy liver cells.


Alcoholism is a disease that causes an emotional and physical dependence on alcohol. Alcoholics have poor self concept and often have lost confidence in their abilities. Also it can be inherited by children if both parents are alcoholics.If a pregnant woman drinks children may be born with FAS, its when the baby is born with mental or pysical problems.