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LES has made October a memorable month by emphasizing culture, traditions, joyful learning, and fall festivities through a variety of engaging learning activities. Our Hispanic Heritage month came to a close with a fantastic festival as students and staff eagerly dressed in their traditional cultural attire as we celebrated our quiz bowl winners. Additionally, our Read & Treat and Trunk or Treat events proved to be successful and engaging for our students. We cannot wait until next year to make it even bigger! Make sure to stay tuned on our LES social media platforms and Classdojo as we continue to share the fantastic community partnership events and opportunities that await in November!

On Friday, November 11, we will hold our annual International Night Festival, which is one of LES' biggest events. Despite the fact that this will be my first time participating in the event at Lilburn Elementary, I've appreciated hearing how our faculty, staff, and students have described it as an opportunity for the school and community to come together to share about their rich and unique cultural experiences and background. I hope to see all of our community members at the event.

November is Native American Heritage Month. This month is a time to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of Native people. It is also a time to acknowledge the important contributions of Indigenous people that involve all aspects of American life today. We want to acknowledge that our school is located on the traditional lands of the Creek and Cherokee people and pay our respect to past and present tribal members. Over many decades, tribes and nations have faced unique challenges and hardships. This month is an opportunity to explore how tribal citizens have worked to conquer these challenges.

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How to Teach Children Gratitude:

It's more than just saying thank you.

Teach Your Child to Say Thank You-- Encourage your child to say “Thank you” on a regular basis.

Ask Gratitude Questions:

  1. Notice – What do you have in your life to be grateful for? Are there things to be grateful for beyond the actual gifts someone has given you? Are you grateful for any people in your life?

  2. Think – What do you think about this present? Do you think you should give something to the person who gave it to you? Do you think you earned the gift? Do you think the person gave you a gift because they thought they had to or because they wanted to?

  3. Feel – Does it make you feel happy to get this gift? What does it feel like inside? What about this gift makes you feel happy?

  4. Do – Is there a way to show how you feel about this gift? Does the feeling you have about this gift make you want to share this feeling by giving it to someone else?

Perform Acts of Kindness

  • There are many things your child can do to show appreciation for other people. This might involve returning a favor, like loaning a toy to a friend who is kind.

  • Or it could involve an act of service like doing yard work for a relative who attends their basketball games.

  • Make it clear that there are many ways to show people that you’re grateful for all they do. You might even decide to take on a family project, like writing thank you letters to the first responders in your community after a natural disaster. Make it clear that you don’t need to reserve gratitude for those individuals that you know personally—there are many people in the community whom you might feel grateful for as well.

Model Gratitude

There’s a good chance this is because kids learn to be grateful by hearing and seeing their parents experience gratitude.Here are several ways you can model gratitude for your children:

  • Say “Thank you.” Whether you thank the clerk at the store or you thank your child for clearing the table, make sure you’re thanking people often.

  • Talk about gratitude. Make it a point to share what you’re grateful for. Even when you have a rough day or something bad happens, point out that there’s still a lot to feel grateful for. Instead of complaining about the rain, talk about being grateful that the plants are being watered so you’ll have food to eat.

  • Express gratitude. When your child sees you writing “thank you” notes or sending a token of appreciation to someone, you’ll teach them to do the same.

Establish a Gratitude Ritual

Make it a habit to regularly express gratitude in your family. Here are some examples of rituals you might establish:

  • Everyone takes turns during dinner sharing one thing they’re grateful for from their day.

  • At bedtime, you ask each child to say three things they feel grateful for.

  • During the car ride to school, everyone thanks someone else in the car for something.

  • Each Sunday night at dinner, everyone discusses how they’ll express gratitude and who they’ll express it to over the course of the week.

  • Every Saturday morning, everyone writes a note of appreciation to someone for a specific reason.

Although it might seem like gratitude should be spontaneous rather than rehearsed, making gratitude a habit can ensure that kids practice it on a regular basis, and it can become like second nature.

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DLD- 11/8/22

Device Care & Chromebook Sleeves

  • It is important to ensure these devices are transported properly in the sleeve at all times to avoid any damage to the device. While teachers have addressed the importance of the sleeves with students, we encourage parents to speak to their children about the importance of using the sleeve at all times when transporting the device and taking good care of the sleeves as well.
  • We expect students to be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible regarding their Chromebooks. Chromebooks should be Ready by having them charged each night if taken home, Respectful by not writing on them or adding stickers, etc., and Responsible by transporting them in the sleeve and carrying them by the keyboard, not the monitor/screen.
  • eClass Support & Programs
  • Use this link for support in accessing eClass at home and becoming familiar with the programs made available to your child at school and home.
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Reading Bug Adventures Fall Reading Challenge!
  • Lilburn Elementary students are catching the reading bug with the Reading Bug Adventures Fall Reading Challenge! The challenge runs from October 21 - December 1. Students can earn prizes like a ticket to a GLOW Party, a FREE book, and a chance to win a LEGO set.

  • To log in, students should go to our Lilburn Elementary eClass page and sign in to Beanstack using his or her student number and 4-digit birthday (mmdd) as the password. For example, 0208 for February 8. Or you can download the Beanstack app. To download the Beanstack app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Beanstack.” Once you’re in the app, choose “School, Library, or Bookstore,” then search for Lilburn Elementary.

  • To earn prizes, students must complete the reading goal by December 1, 2022. 1st and 2nd graders – read 300 minutes and earn 6 reading log badges 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders – read then complete six activities

November Media Center Events:
  • Native American Heritage Month -Every year, November is dedicated to Native American Heritage Month. The month is dedicated to honoring indigenous peoples and their culture and learning and understanding the true history of Natives in America. It’s also a time to highlight the important contributions that Native American communities and individuals have made to the United States. Your child can join the LES Native American Heritage Month celebration at home by completing activities on our Lilburn Elementary eClass webpage. On November 30, 2022, we will have a Native American Heritage Month Festival that will feature students' completed eClass projects along with dance, music, and storytelling.
  • Veterans Day - Every year on November 11, people in the United States celebrate Veterans Day. The holiday honors veterans or people who served in the U.S. military. On November 11, 2022, we will recognize and honor Lilburn Elementary veterans.
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Families must complete the Free & Reduced Lunch Application annually to qualify for free or reduced lunch prices. Please use the link below to access the 2022-2023 school year application.

Full Price

Breakfast= $1.50

Lunch= $2.25

Reduced Price (after qualifying through application)

Breakfast= $0.30

Lunch= $0.40

If you have any questions please email or call 678-301-6307.

Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch HERE.

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Digital Learning Day

Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 8am

This is an online event.

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022, is a Digital Learning Day (DLD). If something has changed since the last time you completed the form on tech needs, please fill it out again so we can understand what your child needs to take home.

International Night Festival

Friday, Nov. 11th, 5:30pm

531 Lilburn School Road Northwest

Lilburn, GA

Join us on Friday, November 11, at 5:30 p.m. for our International Night Festival!
During the International Festival, we encourage families to sign up to bring foods from their native countries to share with guests. Families may also choose to showcase cultural artifacts and items on their tables. All guests are encouraged to wear traditional attire, and students will have the opportunity to participate in a parade representing their countries as they are called to the stage. We are very excited about this event as Lilburn prides itself in its diversity & inclusivity of all cultures!

We look forward to seeing you there!
Scan the QR code on the flyer or click this link to sign up or learn more about how you can contribute and participate:
Admission to the event will cost $5 per child and adult. Children under 4 are admitted for free. Please pay at prior to the event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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