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Newsletter - October 12, 2021

Dear Families,

How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful! My daughter was home for Fall Break from Fairfield University. It was nice to see her since we haven't seen her for a few months. I worked around the house, watched football and a few movies, and spent time with my family.

We conducted our Start Strong Testing Monday through Wednesday of last week. We tested ELA 9 and 10, Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Science 9 and 12. The students were wonderful adjusting to the respective changes to our schedule to accommodate the testing window.

We held our College Fair at East Thursday evening. There were more than 150 varying colleges and universities on site to share information about their respective institutions. I always found this evening to be productive as a parent as we were able to identify schools of interest and gather appropriate information about the school. Special thanks to Mrs. Carolann Lulias for all her hard work to make this event possible for our students!

I held our monthly Conference-Conference Sessions in our Professional Development Room all day on Friday to discuss issues of concern as they relate to 'order' in the building. Our students are re-adjusting back to school after 18 months of semi-confined isolation and we need to work diligently to ensure all students are aware of school expectations (see below).

Perfect Attendance Winners - September 2021

Attending school everyday is quite an accomplishment. I am so proud of the 913 students who committed to their education this past month! Congratulations to our winners for the month of September, Ava Costa, Andrew Gorrell, and Kajus Matazinskas for being proud representatives of our school community!

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Attendance and Behavior Data - September 2021

Attendance: Comparing to September 2019, we documented approximately 109 more students on our rolls and 81 more students with perfect attendance. Our daily average attendance rate dropped 1.2%, from 95% to 93.8%. Subsequently, we averaged 23.1 more absences per day for the month. Tuesdays were our most problematic day of the week with Wednesday and Thursday showing the best overall attendance. Our juniors (94%) demonstrated the best overall attendance rate for the month with our seniors (91%) showing the poorest rate of the four classes. We observed a 2.5% drop in the daily average attendance rate for our senior class comparing September 2019 to September 2021.

Regarding lates to school, we averaged 8 more lates per day comparing 2019 to 2021. Tuesdays were our worst day of the week with Friday our best average for the month. Lates will be a target for improvement moving forward. Our juniors and seniors were our most problematic groups, averaging approximately 9 per day.

Action Plan: Continue to monitor and address through Attendance Committee objectives. Our next Attendance Hearing is scheduled for October 27, 2021 to address deficient students regarding attendance related issues.

We talked about MINDSET, DIRECTION, and STRUCTURE on Opening Day. Establishing the expectation to attend school every day and to be on time are fundamental to promoting a high achieving school environment. We need to reinforce with our students when we have the time in our respective classrooms/offices, etc. Infuse the characteristic of accountability and benefits of this behavior for short and long-term success! I will continue to promote this behavior and to ensure we are following our late policy.

Behavior: Comparing September 2019 to September 2021, we observed a significant decrease in the overall number of discipline referrals (76 fewer). We also observed approximately 25 fewer overall ‘cut’ referrals, averaging 1.1 fewer per day. Our juniors were the most problematic group, with cuts and insubordination being the two highest levels of incident types. However, looking at the respective types of discipline, cuts, disruptive behavior, insubordination and lates to school run the table on the most problematic discipline types.

Action Plan: Continue to monitor through Behavior Committee. Continue to implement character education and social/emotional learning through our Renaissance Program within the school setting and recognize positive school behavior. Educate frequent flyers and hold students more accountable.

I anticipated improvements in behavior here following return from the HYBRID learning world. Kids are generally happy to be back in school. We are observing issues related to earbuds/cell phones and girls with dress code violations. Masks are generally good, with expected issues. We will work to address electronics.

Homecoming Nominations!

Our Homecoming game is scheduled for 6 pm Friday evening and our Dance is scheduled between 6 pm and 10 pm on our Football Field! Rain date TBD.

Congratulations to our Homecoming King and Queen nominations. Check out the following link to learn more about these incredible individuals!

Fire Pits, Food Trucks, and Music!

We are holding our first Fire Pit Activity Thursday, October 14, 2021 between 6 pm and 8:30 pm in the Faculty Parking Lot. All are welcome to support HSE School Spirit in celebration of our Homecoming this weekend! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Week of Respect

High School East students recognize the importance of demonstrating behavior that reflects good character. We promote the ideals inherent in trustworthiness, responsibility, citizenship, fairness, kindness, and respect! Our HSE Safety Team conducted our annual School Violence Awareness poster contest to promote anti-bullying. All clubs advisors were asked to engage their students in lessons/activities that promote positive school behavior. Being a National School of Character means we pursue excellence at every opportunity, with integrity. Great job to Mr. Scott Kenny and his group for showing kindness to a community member suffering from cancer. Mr. Kenny had his students sent messages of encouragement, which were well received!

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College Night at the Jersey Shore!

College all throughout the country provided Toms River students with their school-related information Thursday evening, October 7, 2021.

Parent Support!

We are hosting a Genesis Workshop on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 for any family member looking for support to navigate the program. We will meet at 6 pm in the Media Center and will be available for support until 7 pm. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to attend this help session.

On October 27, 2021 at 6 pm in the Cafeteria, I will host an opportunity for our families to engage in school growth initiatives! I am looking to empower parents to help improve the social and academic outcomes of our students by adding their individual value! I hope you can come to this meeting to learn how you can support our school! Light refreshments will be served!


We have observed significant reductions in the number of positive cases of COVID being reported to our school in the past week and a half. I hope this trend continues!


I spoke to our staff about 'orderly' issues that seem to be a concern this year at East. I am aware of the adjustment period of time need to re-acclimate back to school after an 18 month hiatus. We are being patient and flexible. I am asking our parents to speak to their children about importance of following school expectations, specifically as they relate to earbuds/cell phones/ and dress code.

In my discussions with staff on Friday, I emphasized the safety concerns with earbuds in the hallways..what if I had to make an emergency lockdown announcement? Seconds matter in these situations. Additionally, I spoke to the staff of the importance of utilizing common periods (lunches/hallways) to teach students how to engage with one another in positive and productive ways. I asked the kids in my assemblies to not be afraid to say hello to me in the hallways and I have had the opportunity to get to know so many new students!

Respectful Raiders

Congratulations to Nicole Rosas and Bella Russo for their kindness in returning the personal belongings of a peer to the Main Office this week!

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