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A Message from Mrs. Franciosa...

Hello Evergreen Families,

Green could be seen everywhere around the building today! The students have been diligently looking for Lucky the Leprechaun around our school and searching for shamrocks in a scavenger hunt this week.

On March 21st we will "Rock Our Socks" for World Down Syndrome Day. In conjunction with Rock Your Socks Day, our PV Helping Hands Club is sponsoring a new sock drive to donate to local charities from March 13th to March 21st.

Congratulations to our Reading Olympics teams (The PV Pickles, Reading Rockstars, R.E.A.D., and PV Penguins), Mrs. Mumford, the staff volunteers, and the parents/guardians for doing a fantastic job Tuesday evening at Souderton High School. We are very proud of our Olympians!

Upcoming Home & School Information & Events in this newsletter:

  • Yearbooks are now on sale
  • Family Bingo Night on 3/24 from 6pm-8pm (more information below)
  • Variety Show program ads and shout outs

In this newsletter you will find information regarding:

  • Home & School Bingo Night
  • Yearbook Sale
  • Rock Your Socks Day & PV Helping Hands Club Sock Drive
  • School Social Worker Week
  • 3/17 Report Cards & Special Education Progress Reports
  • Variety Show Program Shout Outs & Advertising
  • Spring Break Meal Boxes
  • Our Fabulous 4th Graders
  • Our Super Second Graders
  • Spanish with Señora Droluk
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • Substitute Secretaries Needed

"Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat."--Laura Ingalls Wilder

Enjoy the weekend! Happy Spring!

Sharon Franciosa

Principal, Evergreen Elementary School

Week of March 20, 2023

  • Monday, March 20th: F Day
  • Tuesday, March 21st: A Day (deadline for Bingo registration)
  • Wednesday, March 22nd: B Day
  • Thursday, March 23rd: C Day
  • Friday, March 24th: D Day (Family Bingo Night)

Important Upcoming Dates

  • March 17th: ParentVUE opens for Report Cards & Special Education Progress Reports
  • March 24th: Home & School Bingo Night at Evergreen
  • April 5th: Inservice Day--no school for students
  • April 6th thru April 10th: Spring Break--no school for students
  • May 13th: Deadline to order yearbooks

Grade 3-5 PSSA Testing Dates:

  • ELA (Grades 3-5): April 25th, 26th, and 28th
  • Math (Grades 3-5): May 2nd and May 3rd
  • Science (Grade 4 only): May 4th and May 5th
  • Make-Up Week: May 8th to May 12th

Reading Olympics

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Lucky Charms Math In Mr. McGill's Class

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H&S Bingo Night: March 24th at Evergreen

Evergreen's Home & School, with the help of Mr. McGill, is excited to host a family Bingo Night on Friday, March 24th from 6pm-8pm at Evergreen.

There will be 10 rounds of Bingo with prizes awarded to winners every round. The cost is $5 per person or $20 per family (4 or more people). After registering, you may pay via Venmo or cash/check to the main office. If sending in cash or a check, please clearly write your child/children's name and registration name on the envelope.

Please click HERE to register. Registration will close on Tuesday, March 21st.

2022-23 Yearbooks Now on sale

You can now order 2022-2023 Evergreen yearbooks at the following link:


Your yearbook is available for sale online for $20.00. The deadline to purchase these yearbooks at this price is May 13, 2023.

Please direct any questions to Home & School Board member, Jen Bowden, or submit any photos you'd like considered for the yearbook to pvevergreenyearbook@gmail.com. Please make sure to label photos with grade and event.

If purchasing a yearbook will create a financial hardship for your family, please contact our school counselors, Mrs. Shearer or Mrs. Turner. They will be able to make arrangements for your child/children to receive a yearbook(s).

Rock Your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day: 3/21/23

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Rock Your Socks: "PV Helping Hands Club" Sock Drive--March 13th to March 21st

The PV Helping Hands Club is at it again! Their newest service project is to help celebrate World Down syndrome day which is on March 21st. We hope to “Rock Your Socks” by collecting BRAND NEW socks for local charities. The collection will take place from March 13-21, 2023.

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) on March 21st is a global day of celebration and awareness that has been observed by the United Nations since 2012. Its purpose is to educate the world on what Down syndrome is and how individuals with Down syndrome need to be valued in their communities.

Why do people wear colorful and cool socks on World Down Syndrome Day?

In 2013, the theme of wearing colorful socks was initiated to raise awareness. Over time it has also been promoted as “Rock Your Socks” day. The idea was created because chromosomes are shaped “like little socks” and people with Down syndrome have a third twenty-first chromosome (hence the date, 3/21).

So let’s help others by donating a pair of new socks (any size) for those in need. Look for donation bins in the lobby beginning next Monday, March 13.

National School Social Worker Week

Please join me in thanking Mrs. Patti Colucci, PV's Elementary Social Worker, as we celebrate National School Social Worker Week. Mrs. Colucci never fails to have a smile and words of encouragement for everyone she encounters. Our students, staff, and families are very fortunate to have such a dedicated, kind, and generous person to support us. Thank you, Mrs. Colucci, for all you do!

March 17th: Report Cards & Special Education Progress Reports

The second trimester ended on March 9th. Parents and Guardians will be able to access report cards and special education progress reports on Friday, March 17th at noon in ParentVUE.

The screenshot below depicts how special education progress reports can be viewed through ParentVUE.

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Variety Show Program Shout Outs & Ads

CALLING ALL small business owners, club sports teams, and proud parents. Variety show is a great way to shout your message out!

  • Shout Outs are a bargain at $1.00 each and will be printed in the program.
  • Program ads are $50.00 for a half page and $100 for a full page. Click the link to complete yours today:


Spring Break Meal Boxes

A community member is organizing family meal boxes for a spring break meal box. The box would include a complete meal box to feed a family of 6. Please click below to sign up to pick up or receive a meal box.

Spring Meal Box Sign Up

our fabulous 4th graders

MATH: Students continue to work on understanding fractions, decimals, and geometry basics while applying these skills to solve multi-step word problems.

READING: Students are applying the following skills and strategies to a variety of different genres and texts:

  • Synthesize

  • Identify Claim

  • Author’s Craft

  • Plot

  • Theme

  • Visualize

  • Point of View

  • Elements of Drama

  • Idioms, Adages and Proverbs

  • Synonyms/Antonyms

  • Make and Confirm Predictions

  • Literary Elements

Additionally, students are focusing on finding evidence within texts to support their claims and analyze the author's purpose.

WRITING: Students are researching different animals to complete an Informational Writing Piece. Students will focus on writing cohesive paragraphs, using specific vocabulary, sentence fluency, and text features to complete their writing assignment.


  • Mrs. Stankus - The Orphan of Ellis Island by, Elvira Woodruff

  • Mr. Moore - The War with Grandpa- by Robert Kimmel Smith

  • Mrs. Tor - Wonder - by R.J. Palacio

  • Mr. Tomlinson - The Wild Robot by Peter Brown


Questions to ask your child while they are reading at home to support instruction:

  • Why did the author write this book?

  • What lesson is the author trying to show you through this book or selection?

  • Why would the author have the character make that decision?

  • Why do you think the author chose this specific setting?

SCIENCE: While making connections to Into Reading, students are learning more about plants, animals, and how water affects the land.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The 4th Grade classes continue their tour across the regions of the United States as they explore the Southeast and Midwest.

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Our Super 2nd graders


In second grade, students have been reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts. We have been working to identify the main idea and supporting details in stories. You can help your reader at home by pausing during reading, and after asking questions to help support comprehension. Asking questions before, during, and reading sparks your child’s curiosity and helps to support their understanding of the text. Click on the link to find a “Cheat Sheet” with questions you can ask your reader for both fiction and nonfiction passages.

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.” Kate DiCamillo

Social Studies/Science:

In social studies and science, second graders have been learning about habitats for living things. We began the unit by exploring what plants need to grow and be healthy. We learned how each part of the plant helps them live and grow. Students did an experiment with water, celery and food coloring to see first hand how plants take in water and how it moves through the stem to reach the leafy/flowering parts of the plant. Water and land habitats such as river deltas, tide pools, ponds, rainforests, forests, and savannas have also been discussed.

Second graders are definitely looking forward to spring when we can plant seeds and watch them grow into beautiful flowers!


Second Grade has been working on Measurement and Money in our Math and Focus.

Measurement- In this chapter, your child will learn to measure lengths in meters and centimeters. Some of the skills your child will practice are:

• using a meterstick or a centimeter ruler to measure length

• comparing the lengths of objects and finding the difference in

their lengths

Money- In this chapter, your child will learn to show and count money amounts. Some of the skills your child will practice are:

• showing and counting money using coins and bills to $20

• writing money amounts using $ and ¢

• writing dollars as cents and cents as dollars

• comparing amounts of money using tables

• using bar models to solve real-world problems involving addition

and subtraction of money

Below you will find a fun poem and song to help identify coins and their value!

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Spanish with señora droluk

Kindergarten: We have begun our La Familia unit in Kindergarten. The students are learning how to say many words in Spanish related to their families: mom, dad, baby, brother, sister, grandma, and grandpa.

First grade: In first grade we are learning about Mexican Hot Chocolate! We learn how to make it and how to say the ingredients in Spanish. We are also learning an authentic hand clapping song called “Chocolate” that students really enjoy.

Second grade: When children lose their teeth, it is a big deal for all involved. I love to tap into that excitement with authentic and tangible culture. For this unit, we are comparing the tooth fairy tradition in the U.S. with the Ratoncito Pérez tradition in Spain, as well as learning important phrases in Spanish!

We will be reading the mini-book, El diente de Javi and completing lots of fun activities including making a Guardadientes, sharing in Spanish how many teeth they have lost, drawing their own version of Ratoncito Pérez, and writing a short, descriptive paragraph in Spanish .

Third grade: In third grade we started a new mini-book, Mateo el astronauta, about a mouse searching the universe for his favorite food; green cheese. This story is all in Spanish and uses high frequency structures.

Fourth grade: In fourth grade the students are learning how to describe their personalities with a high frequency structure and these six descriptions: artistic, musical, generous, adventurous, imaginative, and athletic.

Fifth grade: In fifth grade we have been learning all of the Spanish speaking countries in the world and where they are located. We have been playing lots of games and the students have shown a lot of improvement!

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Dismissal Change

If you need to make an unexpected dismissal change during the day, please contact the main office via telephone (610-409-9751) by 2:30pm, if possible.
Education Trip Form for Elementary & Middle School

An Educational Trip Request form must be submitted prior to student’s departure. Approval for such trips is limited to five (5) school days per year.

Volunteer Clearances

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PV Food Service Webpage

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Community Bulletin Board Page

Want to find out what's going on in the PV Community? Click on this button for flyers about upcoming events in and around our area! To submit an event for posting, please send a PDF version of your flyer to webmaster@pvsd.org for review.

22-23 District & Instructional Calendars

Please click on this button to find the monthly district event calendars and the 22-23 district instructional calendar

PV Power Packs

PV Power Packs is a weekend food program for students experiencing food insecurity. Bags of food, including 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch items, 2 snacks, and 2 fruits, are sent home with students prior to every weekend. There is no financial information required to participate in this program and students pick up their bags from their counselor or designated person every week.

For more information regarding how to receive a Power Pack for your child or to make donations to the Power Packs program, click here: https://www.pvsd.org/families/pv-power-packs/

Powerpacks Application (Spanish)

Flexible Instructional Days (FID) in 22-23

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) approved the use of Flexible Instructional Days (FID) as an alternate form of instruction in response to inclement weather or other emergencies. On a FID day, instruction will be virtual. FID assist schools in meeting the required 180 student days. PA Schools may use up to five (5) FID per school year - in PVSD, we will utilize FID when all 3 inclement weather days built into the district calendar are used.

For more information and and the elementary FID schedule, CLICK HERE.

Having Tech Issues?

Here are a few friendly reminders from the Technology Department about where to go if you are having issues with any of the following:

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has instituted a new government benefit, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This benefit provides eligible households with a discount on internet services. For details, visit: www.GetMyInternet.org.

Evergreen Attendance Line

If your child is going to be absent please be sure to call or email the Evergreen attendance line. It may be helpful to save the phone number and email address in your cell phone.

Call: 610-409-9751 and press #1

Email: EVAttendance@pvsd.org

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