Jen Brown

Introduce Yourself Assignment EDRL 477

Teacher at Nevada Virtual Academy

I am a high school teacher at NVVA, and I teach PE Online. The first question everyone asks me when they find out I teach PE Online is, "how does that work?" Makes me laugh every time. :)

What can I bring to this class?

As a PE teacher I have never fit the typical teacher mold. The rules never apply to PE quite the same way, which gives me a different perspective. Also, I taught at a school with a high level of EL students before coming to NVVA, and had the opportunity to teach students from various backgrounds who spoke many different languages.

My goal is to be able to find a way to better serve my EL students in a virtual setting without formal live classes.

What will be my biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me is that at NVVA our PE classes do not have live classes anymore, so we don't have the opportunity to do formal lessons anymore. Most of my work is on the phone or early morning like this pic on my computer, and hopefully on my exercise bike. :)