Are Teenagers Too Self Centered?

By Alexis & Chloe


Teenagers sometimes lack empathy and socially isolate themselves because they don't usually show emotion and can be too self centered.

Research and Evidence

  • Researchers has shown that teenagers brains often misinterpret emotions making them seem more empathetic.
  • Empathy comes with puberty so it takes awhile to develop.
  • Thinking strategies change with age.
  • Media
  • Their social skills go through weird changes during puberty.
  • At age 13 for girl and 15 for boys
  • whenever teens have healthy relationships in their lives it is easier for them to have develop cognitive empathy.
  • Understanding others viewpoints take more cautions effort for teens and more easier adults to understand.

How to fix the problem:

Discuss Emotions: Increases empathy

Write it out: Some teens don't like to talk about their emotions so they feel to write it down.

Details Matter: If you want to someone to pay attention to you, you need to pay attention to someone else.

Helping Others: Participate in community service

Stats from LN students

"Would you agree that teenagers lack empath?"
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"Do you personally think you lack empathy?"
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