Mongol Project

Chapter 17

The Project

You will be creating a portfolio of material concerning the Turks and Mongols. You can "create your own" Mongol adventure by choosing which assignments you elect to complete. The directions and choices can be accessed using the button below. Have Fun!!

All completed work will be turned in by Friday, February 19.

Introduction Video... First things, first

You should view the "Introduction to the Pastoralists" video before starting your project. You are also responsible for reading Chapter 17 "Nomadic Empires and Eurasian Integration" in Traditions and Encounters. Make sure you keep up with your homework readings and Terms and Objectives. Also several students recommended the "Crash Course Mongols" so a link has been provided.

Wait For It...The Mongols!: Crash Course World History #17

You will have 6 class days to complete all your projects!!!

The following are three application you can use to complete the yurt, poster or timeline assignment, if you choose.