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Discipline Edition

Use this as a reference tool for

  • Classroom behavior/ Hallway infraction
  • Consequences
  • Device Violation
  • Dress Code Violation
  • Tardies
  • Absenteeism
  • Safety/drug/ mental health/ violence

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What is considered an Infraction?
  • Acting in violation to the classroom or school wide expectations that causes a disruption in the learning environment or detracts from the learning experience for any student

Possible Student Actions

  • Student reports violation of another student:
  • Students write statements during lunch period to SDA unless safety/fight, medical crisis/mental health concern
Teacher Actions
  • IF THERE IS A SAFETY CONCERN: Please call for discipline assistant at 64400 immediately


Medical crisis

Mental health concern

Drug/alcohol use

  • Have Clearly defined/explicitly taught expectations that mirror HOWL, code of conduct, and collective commitments
  • Have classroom management that is firm, consistent, equitable, & common-senseHave clear expectations/interventions poster steps (any staff may provide 1-2 days of lunch ISS/detention per incident) – teacher tracks compliance
  • Log interactions into MyEWS
  • After 3 steps have been followed: You can choose a minor incident referral or office discipline referral via mystudent.
  • LAST RESORT: Call front office at 64400 for Student Removal if needed

Student Discipline Assistant Actions

  • Investigates Level 1 and 2 actions
  • Gathers Statements
  • Collaborates with admin as needed

Consequences: Can be part of your 3 steps

Lunch Detention (optional consequence you can hold in your own classroom)

Document behavior in My EWS.

Contact the parent informing them of the lunch detention.

Assign the student a lunch detention to be served with you in class.

Please provide the student with a pass to leave lunch to serve.

After 3 Steps: Minor Incident Referral

Submitted by staff, the form is sent directly to the grade level administrator.

Administrative conference with student, parent communication, final warning pre-referral, possible consequences assigned (could include a Saturday detention)

Office Managed Discipline Referral - (unable to get the student to stop the behavior or re-direct/re-engage the student OR a safety hazard or mental health safety concern)

Who: Submitted by Staff member or Student Discipline Assistant via MyStudent

What: Level 1 & 2 Referrals go to SDA’s, Level 3 Grade Level Admin

Why: Any repeated level 1 or level 2 offenses after 3 steps within classroom have been followed and parent communication has occurred. Any level 3 behavioral code (if this occurs an administrator should be called to the classroom)

How: MyStudent “add a referral” from right side menu

Device Violation Protocols

What is considered a device violation?
  • has device while not permitted as defined by classroom expectations or by explicit staff articulation
  • using a device in a manner that violates schoolwide/district policy. Including misuse of the internet.

Teacher Actions

  • Identifies violation
  • Sends student to student services to turn in device with violation pass and wearing student services lanyard pass
  • (If refusal call front office for Student Discipline Assistant) ext 64400
  • Have transparent device classroom expectations
  • * If you believe this will be an ongoing issue please log the interaction into myews.

Student Actions

  • DURING CLASS: Student turns in device to student services with violation pass.
  • Gets the pass signed by Student Services & returns it to teacher
  • AT THE END OF THE DAY: Student returns at the to collect phone unless violation # elicits parent/guardian pick-up

Student Services

  • Logs violation
  • Places Item in a Ziploc Bag with name in filing cabinet,
  • Signs violation pass and send student back to class

Student Discipline Assistant Actions

  • Tracks device violations
  • Communicates with parents/guardian
  • Provides consequences per school policy
  • Administers consequences
  • Communicates weekly compliance to all staff
  • Handles non-compliance
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Dress Code Violation

Teacher Actions

  • Notices that a student is in violation of the dress code
  • Staff member sends student to Student Services
  • 7th Period Teacher keeps signed form and turns it into student services

Student Actions

  • Student takes form to Student Services & corrects violation
  • Student returns to class providing form to each teacher for signature that the student is still in compliance for the remainder of the day

Student Services

  • Logs the dress code violation
  • Receives signed slip from 6th period teacher

Student Discipline Assistant

  • SDA tracks violations and compliance slips

  • SDA assigns consequences if slip not received or violation # warrants consequences per school policy

  • SDA administers consequences per policy

  • SDA communicates weekly compliance to all staff

  • SDA handles non-compliance

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Dress Code Violations Slip - Are also available printed out in mailroom

Tardy Violation

What is a Violation?

Not inside the classroom prior to the bell ringing OR not having a legitimate pass from a staff member to enter the classroom after the bell has rung.

Teacher actions

  • Sends student to tardy table
  • Logs Tardy in MyStudent

Student actions

  • Student goes to tardy table
  • Student gets a tardy slip with # of tardies & consequences

  • Student returns to class with slip

Student Discipline Assistant

  • SDA tracks tardies, consequences, & completion slips

  • SDA administers detention & ISS

  • SDA communicates weekly compliance to all staff

  • SDA handles non-compliance


  • Weekly emails of students that have served their consequences will be mailed out


What is a violation?

  • not present in class - present in other classes OR not present in classes - multiple day
  • not present in class w/o excusatory documentation

Teacher Actions

  • Take accurate attendance

  • Call home after every 3 absences- Use this to keep track

  • Be trauma sensitive

  • Provide access to learning missed, assignments, or make-up work

Student Services Team (SST)

  • SST determines interventions & assigns team member(s) to support as needs are identified

  • SST refers to school social worker for agency support

  • SST sends attendance letter and driver’s license list

Student Services Team

School intervention team than meets weekly to discuss individual students and implement interventions and supports based on staff referral to Student Services team. Team consists of admin, counselors, ESE personnel, Corporal, Graduation enhancement staff, nurse, and discipline assistants.

NEW: This will be distributed to you to be put underneath your phones. In case of an in-class crisis.

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What does this look like?
  • Acting in violation to the classroom or schoolwide expectations that causes a significant disruption in the learning environment or poses a safety risk for self or others
  • Threats of violence toward self or others

  • Violent actions toward self or others

  • Discussion/signs of drug/alcohol use

  • Signs of health crisis

  • Unresponsive student

  • Discussion/evidence of self-harm

  • Signs/talk/written notes of suicidal ideations/intent

  • Signs of emotional distress

Teacher Actions

Time-sensitive safety-related issues cannot wait! Get help do not wait!

  • Call 64400 front office for removal or assistance
  • Follow emergency safety crisis Flipchart
  • NEW*- Follow Red Emergency Protocols placed under your phone.

Staff Members to know

Pathways and Consequences Administered by Administration

Detention – Saturday or after school

Who: Submitted by SDA or Admin

What: Saturday for 3 hours or after school 2x weekly for 1 hour, student completes schoolwork and/or works through character education articles

Where: 3-224

When: 1 hour after school, twice weekly with SDA

How: SDA or admin speak with parent & student, communicate with parent, go to mach form and submit

Tools- Drug/Alcohol Fighting Program

Who: Students with Level 3 fighting/ substance use

What: 6 week program agreement between administrator, parent and student. This occurs off campus and students will get a reduced OSS from 10 days to 5.

How: Issued by the Grade level administrator in lie

Choices: Pattern level 1 and level 2 behavior

Who: Students with Level 1 and 2 referral PATTERN Behavioral issues

What: 5-week sessions w/behavior specialist on-site agreement between SDA, administrator, parent and student

How: Issued by Grade Level administrator or Student Discipline Assistant