Major Writing Assignment Four

Research Project Book Drive- ENG 102

Project assignment:

After completing the required preliminary steps in the project, write an essay that presents an in-depth introduction to one children’s picture book author, and provide one of this author’s books for the children’s collection at the Three Crosses Day Camp

The 9 steps required to complete your project:

1. From the attached list, choose one picture book author to research.

2. Locate and print or photocopy biographical information about your author that answers this question:

  • Why did this author decide to become a writer of children’s books?
  • his/her date of birth and death (if applicable)
  • place of birth
  • important family events
  • education
  • important life events that influenced him/her to become a children’s book author

Recommended sources for biographical information:

The author’s own website

  • Dictionary of Literary Biography:
    • American Writers for Children,1900-1960, ed.John Cech
    • American Writers for Children Since 1960, ed. Glenn Estes
  • 100 Most Popular Picture Book Authors and Illustrators, ed. Sharron L. McElmeel
  • Women Writers of Children’s Literature, ed. Harold Bloom
  • One Hundred Years of Children’s Books in America, ed. Marjorie N. Allen
  • Handbook of Research on Children’s and Young Adult Literature, ed. Shelby A. Wolf, et al.
  • MTC library databases

NOTE: Wikipedia is sometimes unreliable and cannot be used as a source for biographical information.

3. Using the above or other reliable sources, such as Amazon, develop a chronological bibliography of your author’s books for children. If your author wrote more than 15 children’s books, choose for your bibliography 15 of his/her most important or

best-known works.

4. Locate and read three children’s picture books by this author.

5. Photocopy, scan, or print one representative illustration from each of the three picture books. Do not use the book cover as an illustration.

6. Watch “Waiting for Superman,” a documentary on early education in various poverty-stricken areas in America. You may need to create a Vimeo account. Write a 1.5-2 page summary evaluation of the documentary (SWA 6).

7. Go to the website of the National Center for Children in Poverty at Under “State Profiles,” click on “Demographics.” Next, at the “Choose a State” drop-down menu, click on South Carolina. At the “Choose a Profile” drop-down menu, click on All Children: Poor. Click “Go.” Look at the South Carolina statistics for Parental Employment,

Parental Education, and Child’s Race/Ethnicity. Answer this question and add it to your response to “Waiting for Superman.”

  • After reviewing all the statistics on the page, what conclusions can draw about South Carolina’s poverty situation and effects on our education system? (At least one paragraph)

8. Buy one picture book by your author (board book, paperback, or hardbound) to be donated to the Three Crosses Library.

9. Write your research report

How to organize your Research Paper

How to organize your report:

1. Write your introduction, a brief paragraph in which you:

  • identify the author you chose
  • explain why you chose him/her
  • identify his/her significance to children's literature

2. Write one paragraph about the author's life that includes all of the biographical information you located in Step 2 of your project. It should quote directly from a source used, so include a parenthetical citation at the end of the quotation. If you summarize your source, include a parenthetical citation at the end of your paragraph. You will also need a Works Cited page.

3. Write one paragraph about each of the three books you read (total of three paragraphs, each one 12 to 15 sentences); each paragraph should include:

  • title of the book (italicized)
  • year of publication
  • major characters
  • brief plot summary
  • at least one quotation from the text (with parenthetical citation)
  • description of illustration medium and style (refer to the illustration you printed/photocopied)
  • major theme(s)

4. Write one paragraph in which you discuss the book by your author that you will donate; your paragraph should include:

  • title of the book (italicized)
  • year of publication
  • quoting information you found in your research, a discussion of why it is important to support literacy/reading at a young age (be sure to cite all sources you refer to)
  • a discussion of why you chose this book for the library (illustrations, plot, characters, themes appropriate for children who use the library, etc.)

5. Concluding paragraph: a summation of what you learned from completing this project and how it contributed to your knowledge of children’s literacy.

6. Appendices:

  • the three illustrations you printed/scanned/photocopied
  • your bibliography of the author’s works, arranged chronologically, with title first (italicized), followed by publication date

7. Works cited page:

  • the source for your biographical information
  • the three books you read
  • the source for your bibliographical information
  • the source(s) for information you cite in #4