McLeod Moments

Moments in the GT Classroom


In addition to the 6 Hokki stools that CCE Booster Club purchased for the GT classroom, they also purchased 6 swivel chairs from IKEA for the GT classroom. Since they are from IKEA, there is some assembly required :). My husband and I keep thinking we will come up to school and put them together, but it isn't happening. Sooo... I need some chair assemblers that can also bring their tools. Any time, any day, we can have a chair party, I can give you space to work, whatever!

Of course, I also need people to wash the couch covers before we return from the holidays.

Two volunteer opportunities:

  • Assemble chairs for the classroom
  • Wash couch covers before 1.8.16

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow! We have been super busy in all GT classes and I am ready for all projects to cease, but it will most likely not be happening any time soon. In first grade, we have been studying all sorts of artists and projects related to these artists. In second grade, the students have been creating all sorts of cardboard creations; Rube Goldberg machines, projects out of Blue Jeans and they are now creating a cardboard library. Our bridges in third grade are being tested this week at UT. This bridge building experience has been a learning experience for all of us! I am excited to see their hard work put to the test. In fourth grade, we are working on a model school with CCE parent and architect, Brandon Rabe, and that is moving along. The 4th graders have created architecture vocabulary games so they will be ready for our architecture field trip around Austin next week. Last, the fifth grade students have created gratitude projects and are working on models of Super Super Markets. There are boxes and bags of projects EVERYWHERE!! I love all the creation.

New Book Orders

There is a new set of 1st-5th grade book orders available in my room along with Special Book sets for the holiday. I read that one of four gifts that should be given during the holidays to children is something to read. I truly believe reading fosters so much growth and imagination in children. I will put the order in Tuesday, December 8th so books will get here in time! My order code is: 2J4UM

3rd Grade UT Span Test

Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 10:45am

University of Texas at Austin, Civil Engineering School

Our 3rd graders have learned about bridges and have built them in groups out of Balsa Wood. They will have their bridges put to the test at the UT Civil Engineering School on 12/3 from 11:15-12:30. Students will need a sack lunch, a good snack, maybe a jacket and a positive attitude!

4th Grade Architecture Field Trip

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 8:45am-2pm

Downtown, Austin, TX, United States

Austin, TX

4th grade GT students will go on an Architectural Tour of Austin. We will visit Architects Rabe +Partners, City Hall, St. Mary's Cathedral, First Methodist Church, The Capitol & The Bremond Block in downtown Austin. Parents are welcome to come with us and/or join us at any point during the day.

Mrs. McLeod's Moments

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love celebrating the holidays with my cozy family of three, I love decorating, making memories and carrying on family traditions. I love going to the Nutcracker and this year, my daughter is performing with Ballet Austin at the Long Center for the first time so I am nutcracker and angel obsessed. Our elf, is named Peter, and a Elf Pet, Tinker-Bell, joined us this year. They are up to antics and that makes me love the fun and the fact that my child BELIEVES in magic- STILL! Hang on to these moments that keep our children, children!