About Anne Frank

life in germany

Anne Frank was born June,12, 1929. her and her family in a German town Frankfurt. Her father’s family had lived here for generations. Anne’s growing up with her older sister Margot. Hitler’s rise to power and growing anti-Semitism make Otto Frank and his wife Edith decide to leave Germany and go to Netherlands.

In The Netherlands

Otto set up a business in Amsterdam. They find a home on the Merwedeplein. Booth Margot and Anne go to school, Otto works hard and Edith looks after the house. As the threat of war in increases, the family try to leave, but fail. September,1,1939 Germany invades Poland and the second war starts.

War Starts

For a while there was hope that The Netherlands wouldn't be in the war, but may,10,1940 German troops invade the country. Five days later, Netherlands surrenders and is occupied. Anti-Jewish regulations soon follow. Jews are not allowed in places they usually went. the kids had to join a all Jew school, and Otto loses his business. they soon try again to leave but fail, Margot gets summoned to a concentration camp, Otto and Edith then decided to go into hiding. Otto furnishes the house behind his business premises on the Prinsengracht and this becomes the hiding place. He does this together with his business partner Hermann van Pels and help from employees Johannes Kleiman and Victor Kugler.


The Van Pels family goes in hiding with them a week later and in November 1942 an eighth person, dentist Fritz Pfeffer stays with them too. They all live in the secret annex for a little over two years. They must stay very quiet, they are afraid through good and bad times, they spend most of it together. They are helped by the office workers Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl. They don't just arrange food, clothes and books, they are contact with the outside world for the people in hiding and more than that their friends.

The Diary

Anne receives a diary for her birthday. She starts writing straightaway and during her time in hiding she writes about being in the secret room and about herself. Her diary is a great support to her. Anne writes short stories and collects her favorite sentences by other writers in a notebook. When she hears a request for war journals on the radio Anne decides to edit her diary and create a novel called 'The Secret Annex'. She starts to rewrite her diary, but before she finished everyone in hiding are arrested.

after the war

After arrested everyone gets split and goes to different concentration camps. Edith died at her concentration camp. Booth Anne and Margot died of disease and deprivation in Bergen-Belsen. Van Pels family all die. Otto Frank is the only one of the eight people in hiding to survive the war. He doesn't know where his family is or if they are alive, he finds out Edith is no longer alive. He still has hope for his two girls. He stays with Miep for seven years. they find out both girls died, Meip had went back to the annex and found Anne's diary and notes before the war was over she gave them to Otto and he then had them published for her.