Mr. Ebeling's Updates

Navigating the Five C's TOGETHER

July 2014 Edition

2013-14, It was a great year!

Bay Harbor has a climate of trust, collaboration and respect amongst staff. Bay Harbor also has a culture of dedication, hard work, and passion! There is no doubt we have something special here! There is always room for improvement which is a growth mindset we have to have. The upcoming years will not be easy (when has it ever?). They are going to stretch us personally and professionally. There continues to be high stakes (and time) testing. Teacher evaluations are changing. Pay is changing. Learning expectations and assessments are changing. What is in our control and what is not? How we frame each experience and how we work together to conquer it will be the true test to see what kind of team we are. Remember, I am here for one reason: For you to be successful! If you are not successful, the students are not successful and our building is not successful. Nothing that makes a true difference is ever easy. We will do things together and we WILL be successful....and let's be sure to have fun, smile and laugh often. WE are Bay Harbor! WE are the Sailors!

I look forward to seeing you in August!!!!

Beginning of the year

Here is a tentative plan for our first days back:

August 26th:

  1. 7:30-11:00 Welcome back and brunch at Bay Port. Damian's speech will begin promptly at 8 and will last to approximately 10:00 with brunch followed.
  2. 11:00-1:45 Work time
  3. 2:00 Sparknet tour (Click here), Address: 1121 W Main Ave, De Pere, WI 54115 - This is a team building event as well as an opportunity to see a cool working/learning atmosphere and make connections with an app/website building company!
  4. 3:30 The Abbey- Staff Social, cookies and milk, good times, come if you can, stay as long as you like

August 27th:

  1. 8:00-9:30 ALICE training at BH- You will be taught about alternatives to just "Locking down". ALICE stands for: Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate ***ALL STAFF need to be at this training. Hourly employees will be paid for their time!
  2. 9:45-11:15 Staff meeting
  3. 11:15- 4:30 Lunch from PTO and Work time
  4. 4:30-6:00 Open House

August 28th:

  1. Staff work day (morning 3.75hrs on your honor)

August 29th: NO SCHOOL

September 2: BEST DAY OF THE YEAR (1st day of school)

  1. Teachers greeting students In front of school and by the busses 8:15-8:30
  2. Assembly 9:30-10:00: We will introduce all staff at this time as well as do the pledge as a school community.
  3. Teach behavior expectations first days of school- Hallway, bathroom, etc.
  4. LUNCHROOM---We will be focusing on ensuring our students use better manners and voice levels in the lunchroom. Please plan to take a few minutes to guide them into the lunchroom and talk with them about expectations in line and at tables. This will show that the teachers and supervisors are on the same page.

Data Retreat / School Improvement Planning

Representatives from each grade level and specialists met recently to review historical and current data as well as to come up with a growth focus for 2014-2015. Through this hard work, we came up with some GREAT things that will help our staff and students get better, while keeping Bay Harbor a truly special place to be. Here is the plan:

  1. Follow Story Town as a scope and sequence for universal instruction - be a scope and sequence for spelling, vocabulary and skills and strategies.
  2. ELA block (stations) must include rigorous/relevant and engaging independent work that is related to skills and strategies instructed-- DOK (Depth of Knowledge) activities and outcomes
  3. Greater universal and intentional use of student data to maximize Intervention/Enrichment (I/E) time and other classroom opportunities with a focus on individual student growth.

Under each of these headings will be actions (ways we will attack the goal). The concern is that our overall reading growth (and by student) is not on the same level as our math and not to the level we are happy with.

We will continue our focus on Technology as not something we do in addition, but as something that enhances what we do. Below you will find the district big ticket items which well continue to infuse into our plan:

District BIG Rocks Conversation

    1. Digital Transformation Phase II

      1. Transforming teaching practices through the use of technology

      2. SAMR

    2. Personalization of Learning- Differentiation, data, Schoology

    3. Closing the GAPS

      1. Special Education

    4. Smarter-balanced Assessment

      1. Giving students more opportunities to utilize higher order thinking

    5. 21st Century Skills Integration

      1. Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Citizenship, Collaboration

    6. Writers Workshop (2014-2015)

      1. Lucy Calkins (2015-2016)

        1. Kit included with mentor texts

District Mission and Beliefs

Mission: We will work together with families and community to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world.

Our Beliefs:

1. Every student has the right to learn.

2. Instruction must be rigorous and relevant.

3. Purposeful assessment drives instruction and affects learning.

4. Learning is a collaborative responsibility.

5. Students bring strengths and experiences to learning.

6. Responsive environments engage learners.

"If instruction is guided by highly competent professionals, and students are actively engaged through 21st Century skills and rigorous academic standards, then all students will be college and career ready."

The above District Mission, beliefs, and statement is a guide to the way we should think and work at our school.

Literacy Plan

The work you did last year (2012-13) talking about Close Reading, and this past year (2013-14) digging deeper into guided reading has put our staff in a great spot to succeed universally. This year (2013-14) a large amount of staff will be trained in Literacy Frameworks which will further increase our capacity and universal understanding as we look to increase our reading scores overall. By digging in deeper and aligning ourselves to Storytown, we will better able to ensure Universal consistency in Reading. We will also work to increase Rigor and Relevance in our literacy stations, while making sure students are able to show that they are getting the most out of each station and that it is aligned to what they need to grow.

Writing workshop is an area that we will begin to study and implement into our classrooms. We will also work to write in ALL areas as this has shown to make big improvements in students reading, etc.

School Beautification Event

Saturday, Aug. 23rd, 9am-12pm

1590 Harbor Lights Rd

Suamico, WI

Come one, Come all, to the second annual Bay Harbor School Beautification event! This is a time to chat with families, staff, eat some food, and roll your sleeves up to make Bay Harbor look great to start the year!

CLICK HERE to RSVP and to let us know if you are able to help donate plants or if you are planning to come...It would be great to see you:)

Data, Data, Data

This is the year of testing....WOW it seems almost overwhelming at how many assessments we need to give students above and beyond our regular formative and summative common assessments. We can't change this for this year, so we need to keep moving forward and ensure that we are teaching the students the MOST important information, while giving them plenty of opportunity to tear the learning apart and build it back up to create meaning. With this said, we have plenty of DATA to look at and we will need to utilize it properly to ensure that we are getting the "bang for our buck"!

The plan will be that our grade level teams will meet with principal and necessary members from SRT (Sped, S/L, Lit., School Psych, etc.) on a rotational basis. We will look at struggling learners and assess what is being done and what else could be done. We want each teacher to have a greater understanding of the whole child and school history, while being supported by a team in the process.


Lockdown is no Longer Enough!“Lockdown is not a stand-alone defense strategy.” [Page 50]“When securing in place, this procedure should involve barricading the door and readying a plan of evacuation or counter tactics should the need arise.” [Page 50]“Do not place students in one location within the room. In the event that entry is gained by a shooter or intruder, students should consider exiting by running past the shooter/intruder.” [Page 59]“Staff and students may utilize methods to distract the shooter/intruder’s ability to accurately shoot or cause harm, such as loud noises or aiming and throwing objects at the shooter/intruder’s face or person. [Page 50]“If students and school personnel are outside of the school at the time of a LOCKDOWN, teachers should move students to the designated off-site location.” [Page 51]“If an intruder enter and begins shooting, any and all actions to stop the shooter are justified. This includes moving about the room to lessen accuracy, throwing items (books, computers, phones, book bags) to create confusion, exiting out windows, and confronting (assault, subdue, choke) to stop the intruder. Tell students to get out any way possible and move to another location” [Page 59]

We will be doing this training on alternatives to the old Lockdown procedures. This new way of thinking will give you a better opportunity to be safe in the event a major situation happens! To learn more, follow this link


I have heard many different questions regarding SRT over the year and summer. Remember, SRT is not just a last ditch effort to get a student into Special Education. SRT is a weekly meeting meant to focus on struggling students and to ensure we are doing what we can to support the social, emotional and academic success of the child. If you see any red flags or have concerns, schedule a time to sit down and talk about it. To sign a student up for SRT, you use our Staff website Password is #sailorpride. You will find the link under "Teacher Navigations".

The SRT team is: Principal (Tony), School Psych (Renee Vogel), School Counselor (Jen Woulfe), S/L teachers (Sue, Tanya), Social Worker (Maureen), Lit. Specialist (Alison), Sped (Renee, Jessica), Nurse (as needed), SRO (as necessary)

Building Schedule and Class lists

Next week, I will be placing the students who have transferred in over the summer. I may be contacting you for direction if there is a situation that seems necessary. I will be sending out an email message soon after with an attachment of your class list (**subject to change).

The building schedule will be worked on over the next three weeks. I met earlier in the year with a group to talk about the schedule. They provided a good amount of feedback regarding recess, I/E blocks, support in the classrooms, intervention, etc. I will also be working with Ryan Welnetz since we share two traveling teachers and it is absolutely necessary to get ALL specials scheduled accurately. I should be able to get a pretty good schedule framework before putting it out there for feedback during the first week of August.

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