Sophie Ferguson

Describe something you did yesterday..

Yesterday I took pictures of my boyfriends brother & his girlfriend because he's home for 10 days to visit family because he graduated from Paris Island to become a U.S. Marine. I also cleaned my room & watched tv. Also cooking dinner with my mom.

Something you do well..

I think i do really good hair I love doing anyone & everyones hair. I'm good at Volleyball, I don't play many sports but that is one sport I love & I'm good at.

Something about your childhood..

When I was little i remember trying to walk in my moms heels, & trying on all her Jewelry. I loved playing with my big brothers.

Something you learned last week..

Last week I had exams but I did left early to go to a Paris Island Marine Graduation. While I was there I learned a lot about how Paris Island bootcamp works. They are very strict & pros-is. They also have a tradition of doing a morning run that family & friends can come & watch to support the upcoming Marines. Each family gets to see there family member there & gets a tour of the campus.

Something you can't live without..

I absolutely can not live without my phone. I have to have food of course because everyone needs food to live, but i need to eat all the time. I also need to go shopping I cannot live without shopping. I love clothes.

Something you love to watch/listen to..

I love to listen to country music, artists like Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, & Chance Bryant. I also love watching Criminal Minds, or The Kardashian show. I don't watch tv very often.

Something you dislike..

I hate rude people. I do not like girls that go around talking about people & think there better then everyone. I do not like guys that break girls hearts & think its funny as well. I also don't like when people do not say "Excuse me" when running into someone.