Mrs. Hutchinson's Safari Newsletter

A Learning Adventure

August 5, 2015

Welcome to the Adventure!

Hello parents! I will be sending you this newsletter periodically to keep you informed of the classroom and school events. As always, please contact me via email at if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank You for Coming to Open House!

For those of you who came to Open House, thank you! It was so nice to meet with you before the school year gets under way. If you were unable to attend, you were greatly missed! Please take the time to fill out this Google Form so that I have the contact information for you. Thank you for your time!

Volunteer Training!

Mrs. Brendle will have the required volunteer training soon. If you would like to volunteer in the classroom you will need to attend volunteer training. (She will have a few more throughout the year but you can't volunteer until you've had the training.) Thanks for helping!

Please Return

Class Handbook Page

On the back of the green Class Handbook there is a page that requests your signature stating that you have reviewed over the handbook as well as a permission form for pictures. Please return as soon as possible.

School Student Handbook Page

On the back of the School's Student Handbook there are two pages that requests your signature and your child's signature stating that you have reviewed over the handbook. Please return as soon as possible.

No Homework This Week!!!!!

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There will be no homework this week so that the students can get adjusted and back into the "school routine". Starting next Monday, please look out for homework! The students will have the following homework nightly:

1. Problem of the Day (1 Math word problem)

2. Reading Fluency (three 1-minute timed readings to count words read)

3. Read for at least 20 minutes from a variety of sources

4. Study Math flash cards

First Day of School Excitement!