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Novel fiction

new moon

New moon,Author Stephenie Meyers

date of publication

The date of publication is September 2006

facts about the author

.One fact about Stephenie Meyers is that she was born on December 24,in 1973.
.Second fact is that she got her name from her dad Stephen.
.The final fact is that she accepted a degree in English from Brigham Young University in 1997.

the main characters

The main characters are Bella,and Edward

the conflict

I think that the conflict of New moon is afterward Edward leaves Forks.


Is when Edward tells Bella that he is leaving Forks,and that she will not see or hear from him ever again.

falling action

Is when Edward,and Bella coming home from Italy,and that Edward promises Bella that he will never leave her again.


Is when Bella saves Edward from Aro,and that Edward does not want to leave Forks without Bella in his life or his love.

character,role,2 adjectives

Bella Edward's girlfriend not smart stubborn
Edward Bella's boyfriend smart caring
Alice Edwards sister smart pretty


Between pain,and nothing I'd chosen nothing:Bella said that:pg#100


It means that Bella had chosen nothing because she is showing her love for Edward because he is her true mate and nothing can change that between them and that she wants to become a vampire so her and him can live happily ever after.

the rating

I am rating this book a five because if you love someone with all of your heart don't let that person run away go and tell them that you love them before it is to late.

5 sentences

I learned that it is important to save the person that is close to you if they are in really bad trouble.Also it was important to Bella to save Edward from Aro,and it was important to Edward to leave Forks so he can keep Bella away from danger and him and that is really important to keep your love ones safe if you don't then if one day something bad happens than you will regret it and that is why it is important to keep love ones safe.