Woman Suffrage

By Dreyson Conyers

Schoolhouse Rock - Women's Suffrage movement


It's treating a woman politely

As long as she isn't a fright:

It's guarding the girls who act rightly

If you can be judge of what's right;

It's being -- not just, but so pleasant

It's tipping while wages are low;

It's making a beautiful present

And failing to pay what you owe

Women's Suffrage in the 20th Century

History of Woman Suffrage

The Woman Suffrage began in the 1840's. It lasted for 72 years. With this came the rise of different organizations such as the National American Women Suffrage Association. Woman made posters, pins, and other forms of merchandise to show that they were serious. It ended with the passing of the 19th Amendment.

Woman during the time of this movement also published books and poems to express their opinions of a world dominated by males. People like Susan B. Anthony helped reach the goal of the movement. With the help of people like her, 19th Amendment was able to be forged. It was later able to be passed as a law saying women were allowed to vote. That was an astonishing victory for women across America.

Since the 1980's women were attempting to gain respect. Back then women were discriminated against, but thanks to the law passed by The Supreme Court in 1999 The Supreme Court ruled that women could sue of sexual discrimination. Women during that time also did not have much of a say, but thanks to The Supreme Court women are allowed to choose if they would like to have an abortion. Thanks to laws like these women are allowed to do the things that they do today.