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Hello team! I hope my ALL TEAM newsletter finds you doing amazing and well rested after our very busy Holiday season!

I am super excited to start our monthly newsletter again, in a totally new newsletter distribution system! I promise not to disappoint, I have so much to share with you! Not only will I include some Nest News, but also tips or tools that have helped me in my personal business...and you never know, we may even have a fellow sister owl story shared here too!

For those of you who don't know me, I am one of the Senior Directors in your upline!
You, along with everyone else who are part of my team, mean the world to me and it's incredibly important to me that you know I am here for you. Your mentor is of course your first point of contact and your "go to person" for assistance. Should you be unable to reach your mentor, permitting him/her 24 hours to respond, know that I'm always here to direct you to the appropriate person, area of interest, or resource. I have been with O2 since October 2011 and I'm fully vested, my heart is all in!

Hugs to everyone!!


Simply click on the link to view our December, all team, recognition for 2015!


Choose your WORD

Have you heard people talk about their word for the year? I hadn't ever chose a word till 2015 and let me tell you....POWERFUL STUFF!
I chose the word #RELEASE and then I inscribed it on a plate and a plaque from Origami Owl. I wore it every single day and it served as a constant reminder that I needed to let the small stuff go and focus on what's important.
Guess what?!?! IT WORKED!
I want to encourage you to dig deep, find a word that makes you a little uncomfortable and encompasses exactly what you feel you need to work on and accomplish. Once you choose your word, Inscribe it on something from our vast catalog, aka TOM. Not only will seeing this word daily help serve as a reminder...but guess what, it will give you something to share with your customers and the people you meet each day! Additionally, use it in social media and "hash tag" it on every single post you create!
My word this year is #CADENCE. I selected my word for 2 reasons. The first being my desire to find a good rhythm to my day, a pace basically. I have a habit of absorbing myself into my work, my passions and going at full speed until I literally crash. The second reason is my dedication to my daughter. I want to devote more time to her life...her name is Cadence :)
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Vital Behaviors

I attended an opportunity event recently and it occurred to me, I need to get back to the basics and chances are…so do you.

After being part of the business for any length of time, we get in a pattern. I think we get so caught up in one particular goal that we forget about all the other facets in our businesses….can you agree?

Let’s talk about the necessary behaviors and getting your “mojo” back…aka VITAL BEHAVIORS

Think about WHY you started this business-close your eyes and take yourself back to that time. Now hold onto that WHY and let it drive you again. We all join for specific reasons and those reasons may change with every season! I know my core WHY has NEVER changed…I needed to feel part of something, I needed a place to belong and I wanted to help others.

Let’s talk about some necessary behaviors, if applied and followed will instrumentally change your business.

First: I want you to put 2 catalogs/TOMs in your purse, bag, or backpack each day. Your goal is to give them away. Put 20 business cards in your purse, bag or backpack…replenish weekly. I know….I’ve always said, don’t just give things away, retain retain retain. If you can retain-DO IT! and be sure to follow up with a phone call, not a text or email-a CALL!! If you’re not comfortable making calls-email, text or call me, I’d be happy to give you some tips to help you overcome this fear-it’s real and I get that, but let’s work on it.

Second: I want you to carry 2 opportunity brochures with you. Give these to 2 people you feel would be a great fit for your team or that you feel you could give the gift of your business to.

You have a gift…it truly can change lives, all we have to do is DREAM!

Third: WEAR YOUR PRODUCT! It was suggested that we carry a sample with us all the time, so if you do forget your product, you have a spare. I don’t care if you are dressed like a bum, a mess, your hairs aren’t done…you’re REAL PERSON and people will connect with you, no matter how you look.

Fourth: Take 15 minutes out each day for you-to love on yourself in any way you see fit-whether it be a walk, trying new make up, painting your toes, journal writing, reading a direct sales article or chapter in a book, call a friend who boosts you up…whatever it is that helps you feel more confident and ready to take on the day!!

Your goal is to start sharing the business with 2 people daily about hosting a party, talking to 2 people about the business, and asking 2 people a day for a sale. Create a habit, get out of your comfort zone and do what others won’t do…that’s how success is built!

I promise you….your business will GROW! This is truly no different than the 100 no challenge or the book “Go for no”. Those who get the most NO’S ARE the most successful!

Jilayne's Story, words from a sister owl

A little over 2 years ago I went to a jewelry bar my sister-in-law was hosting, I was busy and didn't have time for another party, I looked through the catalog, I was going to be in and out and on my way. 2 hours later I was confused trying to tell my story and booked my own party. Hosted my party a few weeks later, $1200 in sales later and tons of free stuff... I wanted more. I learned then what a designer earns for selling Origami Owl and I was like I could do that. After a few weeks of deciding and being unsure, my son lost his retainer AGAIN for the 2nd time at $300 a pop, before the holidays. My life was full, four kids in a blended family and a full time job and living the groundhog day over and over, we needed cash for the holidays. Having never done direct sales and not knowing much about it, I joined and jumped in wholeheartedly. There was no turning back.... Within the first year I was Team Leader and went to Maui, within the second year I achieved Senior Team Lead with a big goal of ETL. I have met so many people customers and designers through their stories and lockets. I have made life long friends with my team members. I have met so many people and developed so much as a person, a woman and a leader. Origami Owl for me turned out to be more than just holiday cash and so much more than just lockets. I love what I do and look forward to the next Jewelry Bar, customer story and everything that comes next.
My advice to any new designers starting out is to wear your jewelry daily, you are a walking billboard. Next tell everyone about Origami Owl and your story and how it has changed your life, your love for the company and jewelry will shine through. And finally set goals for yourself and team and never give up. By setting the goals you help stay on the right path and stay accountable. Be a rockstar.
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Rochelle Britton Young, Senior Director 1005

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